Comic of the Week: Oh Joy, Sex Toy! by Erika Moen

Clearly not safe for work, and not so much a comic that is like any other. This is a sort of review comic… for sex toys. We should have expected this come from no one else. Erika manages to bring her own journal style of cartooning, with her passion for sexual content, into one incredibly informative comic.

Comic of the Week: Paranatural by Zack Morrison

Paranatural by writers Zack Morrison Comic of the Week picked by: @fesworks One of the most colorful comics I’ve seen online. This is a story about just how absurd a world of magic is, to a kid that has just had the veiled pulled away for him. Because if we just discovered world of spirits, ghosts, and […]

Comic of the Week: Shotgun Shuffle by Chris Rusche

Quinn is just trying to find a good roommate, and Ellie is just trying to find a room. Yes, it’s a sort of “roomies” comics, with loads of relationship drama. Everyone has some sort of baggage, though what many “roomie” type comics lack, are expressive, individual characters. This comic’s got ’em.

Comic of the Week: Kiwi Blitz by Mary Cagle

Kiwi Blitz is set in a world where people fight in mecha-animal battle competitions, and androids are somewhat common. Amongst this is Steffi, a mecha combatant that decides to take up vigilantism one day. And she’s just a kid!

Comic of the Week: Yellow Peril by Jamie Noguchi

This is a comic I should have picked up MUCH earlier than I had. It’s a black and white comic, with what I think may be ink wash and pencils for contrast. I have not read the whole archive, but I’ve been enjoying and reading it ever since I started.

Comic of the Week: Endtown by Aaron Neathery

Something that a Webcomic Beacon guest continued to highly praise, so I had to check it out. This is another comic set in a post-apocalyptic setting. The landscape of the earth and it’s plant an animal population has been drastically changed… literally.

Comic of the Week: Grrl Power by David Barrack

Ah yes. Well toned and endowed super-heroines. This comic makes no excuse for the visual display of busty and muscled super women (well, there’s muscular, tight-shirted men in here too). Though the real star of the show is the “less than conventional” girl, Sydney.

Comic of the Week: Not a Villain by Aneeka Richins

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic time… though we effectively see none of this, because the world’s survivors primarily gather online to… basically live life. We do get hints here and there about what people do offline, and how they survive.

Comic of the Week: Simply Sarah by Sarah Skye

I’m not typically one for slice of life style comics, or anything that deals with relationships or drama, but the art helped pulled me in for a closer look. I ended up reading back to a truth or dare party.