Comic of the Week: Oh Joy, Sex Toy! by Erika Moen

Oh Joy, Sex Toy!
by Erika Moen

Comic of the Week picked by: @fesworks

Clearly not safe for work, and not so much a comic that is like any other. This is a sort of review comic… for sex toys. We should have expected this come from no one else. Erika manages to bring her own journal style of cartooning, with her passion for sexual content, into one incredibly informative comic.

There is content for persons with male or female parts, as well as parts that are on any gender. A variety of body styles and relationships presented in the comic is refreshing. Even as someone that does not have a personal use for a lot of the toys mentioned, it’s still interesting and informative.

You can also listen to Erika Moen on episode #125 of The Webcomic Beacon!

Comic Website | WebcomicZ Entry
NSFW*: Nudity, Sexual Content


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