Webcomic Beacon #61: Hobbyists vs Professionalists

Scott Gallatin (of The Gigcast and Madscott) join FesTanya, and Mark as we talk about hobbyist and professionalist approaches to webcomickery… Yes I know that isn’t a real word, but it looks funny.


Milestones:  Trying Human (100 pages), Genuine Draft (100 pages), Alone in a crowd (1 yr), Big sandy gilmore (100 strips), Heroes of Lesser Earth (400 strips). This week we set our Beacon Searchlight on The Nolans.

This episode is brought to you by: Galaxion and Webcomic Asylum!

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:
Dominic Deegan, Least I could do (NSFW), Jonathan Coulton, Scott Kurtz’s PVP, Penny Arcade, No need for Bushido

Webcomic Beacon #60: Coloring with Jules Rivera

Jules Rivera of Marsh Rocket joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark this week to talk about coloring! We also go on to talk about hedge clippers,  relationships and drama…. particularly in the aftershow.


Milestones: Between Failures (400 strips), Circle vs Square (1 yr), Moosemountain Comics (100 updates). This week we set our Beacon Searchlight on Riotfish.  Also of note is that the Guest Strip Project failed to meet it’s update schedule.

This episode is brought to you by: Prepare to Die and Galaxion!

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show: Book of Bif, The Structure of Man YouTube videos (buy the DVDs), Song of Straygo, Cookbros comics, Steal this comic

Webcomic Beacon #59: Using WordPress for your Webcomic Website

Fes and Tanya are joined by special guest Mike Sisk (Webcomic+Inkblot), to talk about using WordPress to run your webcomic website!


Milestones: Insert comic Here (200), Grin and Spirit (4 yrs). This week we set our Webcomic Searchlight on Bulflinch. We also would like to Spotlight: Toy division, True Magic, and Galaxian!

This episode is brought to you by: Peons of Antarctica and Silver age!

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:
Casual Notice, Fractured Mentality, The Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred, Divine Introspection, Akward Comfort, Emperors of Byzantium, Wagon Webcomic Battle

Webcomic Beacon #58: Apocalypse Webcomics (Disaster Podcast)

Another attempt at a genre podcast! Good thing Fes has  Tanya and Mark helping to keep things off-topic and interesting! Yes, we talk about movies a lot, but what better inspiration than Hollywood? … No? Well listen anyway! Also check out some of the Apocalypse and Disaster Webcomics we talk about. Post in the comments, ones we missed!


Milestones: Out There (800), Dr Sheep and the Aardvark (ends), Point Guardian – (ending), Cheap Thrills (100), Autumn Lake (700), P.S.I. (300), and Out of my Mind (1 yr)!

This episode is brought to you by: Steal This Comic, and Rocket Llama! (for advertising on our Project Wonderful ads during our Live Broadcast!)

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:

Freek Angles, Gone with the blast wave, White Noise, Airshell (discontinued but here is a review and some sample pages), Wapsi Square, Gunnerkrigg Court, Gigcast, Frumph’s Women of Webcomics, the Whitebreads and the Apocalypse, Gello Apocalypse, Prodigy Grey, Resident Dysentery, Night Zero, Zombie Hunters, Inherit The EarthJack, The World Explodes, and Changes.

Webcomic Beacon #57: The Fanservice Aftershow

Ok, not really a show as usual… but after Episode 55 (Vote Incentives and Fanservice), everyone continued to talk for another 50 minutes. So, since The Webcomic Beacon took a break during the holiday weekend… you get this. Again, this is Tanya and Fes joined by Eric (of Exiern) and Stef (of Sarah Zero). The discussion starts off with talking about fetishes, and then goes into delegating work and working with others in webcomics.


Notes: Sites Mentioned on the Show: HalfpixelArdra, and Alpha Shade.

Thanks to Dungeon Warden for taking notes!