Webcomic Beacon #60: Coloring with Jules Rivera

Jules Rivera of Marsh Rocket joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark this week to talk about coloring! We also go on to talk about hedge clippers,  relationships and drama…. particularly in the aftershow.


Milestones: Between Failures (400 strips), Circle vs Square (1 yr), Moosemountain Comics (100 updates). This week we set our Beacon Searchlight on Riotfish.  Also of note is that the Guest Strip Project failed to meet it’s update schedule.

This episode is brought to you by: Prepare to Die and Galaxion!

Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show: Book of Bif, The Structure of Man YouTube videos (buy the DVDs), Song of Straygo, Cookbros comics, Steal this comic

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Easily the best WCB you’ve made. The questions and show structure were much more professional and I give credit to Jules not only for being a fantastic example of the topic at hand, and for being a gracious host but also for actually creating the ‘cover picture’ while the show was going on. I’m sure this beacon made people much more aware of their choices of color if not the potential of use. A pox to those who didn’t hear it live!

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