Webcomic Beacon #228: Holidays Strike Back with Scott King

Scott King (Holiday Wars) joins Fes Works, Mark Savary, and Kelly Turnbull to talk about his comic. Thanks to our guest with being very patient with sleep-deprived Fes!

We also remind you we broadcast live through Vokle, when we record the show. Maybe you should come listen to us live, and ask us and/or our guest(s) questions!


Break Song: Death by Holiday by The Vanished.

Notes: Penguicon, Holiday Wars Kickstarter!

Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for April 22, 2012 with DJ Coffman

DJ Coffman and Jason Embury (Hero by Night) and T. Campbell (Penny & Aggie) join us for this week’s news discussion. But first, bringing you the news, Marie Tary (Evil Space Cat) returns with Thomas Revor, Eric Kimball, and Jason Strawsburg!

There was some contention after the recorded show, in regards to some comments during the discussion. Please check the first comments for for those details from DJ Coffman and Jason Embury.



ReviewsZ: In His Likeness Universe
Webcomic Review by Caitlin Hart

Top Stories

Mark Waid teases his new site Thrillbent
Original Source: Digital Spy
Additionally: Comic Book Resources & USA Today


Tim Burton is judging Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter-inspired fan art submissions
Original Source: FearNet.com
Additionally: He’ll also be judging art for the Dark Shadows movie (DeviantArt)

Another Adventure Time comic by a Webcomicer
Original Source: Bleeding Cool


Topatoco’s Spring Books
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Achewoods Honor system store
Found via: FleenOriginal Source: Achewood

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Looking for interested reviewers and tutorial seekers.

So, you may have heard that The Webcast Beacon Network (under Fesworks, LLC) had long ago bought the website WebcomicZ.

WebcomicZ is a webcomic list and resource site. Not quite in its prime any longer, but certainly still draws traffic. In short, there is an effort behind the scenes to bring it back (and it includes a spendy, re-coding of the entire website).

Since the beginning of The Webcomic Beacon Network, with The Webcomic Beacon, it has been a mission to bring knowledge and resources to creators. It’s been a labor of love, coupled with [undisclosed amount] of out of pocket funding by Fes. Today’s WCBN crew consists of 15 active members, working voluntarily.

As it stands, WebcomicZ stands to be a source of revenue through ads (because of the traffic). Ironically, the money earned so far on it will be used to recode the whole thing for better functionality, among other very good reasons. But the site still works fine as it is, and can serve creators just the same.

Bottom line is that we need content!

We are already making efforts to crossover content with The Webcomic Beacon Newscast, and possibly with other WCBN shows.

I can’t promise anything more than exposure at point. But I can promise that no one is making money off of anything right now; except for the future website programmer, as the current ad income is being saved for that (plus out of pocket).

As I said, it’s basically a labor of love right now. At this time, the best I can offer are image links paired with article written, and podcast ad spots on WCBN programming.

So, if you are still reading after all of that:

I am looking for comic reviewers.
Reviewers that hopefully match the spirit of The Webcast Beacon Network. I will be entertaining the possibility of print comic reviewers, digitally sold comics, and webcomics. The “spirit” is mainly honest reviews, not banking on sarcastic, hateful, nor demeaning reviews for the sake of “entertainment”. We don’t need reviews of well popular comics that don’t need more publicity. We want reviews of good comics you can recommend; reviews of bad comics we can learn something from; or so-so comics that have potential.

I am looking for tutorials.
Original tutorials are best, but there are also a lot of good tutorials already out there. A more challenging task would be to find and collect similar tutorials, so we can link them all together in one big resource (such as “how to draw women’s breast properly” or “advertising online” guides). Or if we can collect tutorials by other categories. I’m talking links and summaries; though we may seek permission to re-post tutorials in full.

I am looking for trust worthy people.
Some of what I may be needing in the the coming months, are self-motivated people. People capable of doing tasks on their own. I try very much to be hands-of with created content, after ground rules are set. While I still hold the title of Executive Producer/Director/Editor, I would rather not make more work for myself. For several programs and aspects of the WCBN and WebcomicZ, other people are producing the bulk content, in their own fashions. Everyone gets a title. I am trying to handle everything as professional as possible. This may be a labor of love (hopefully not forever), but this is not merely hobby.

There are a lot of ideas that can be put forth this venture. I am willing to hear all suggestions and criticism; for current or future aspects of The Webcast Beacon Network and WebcomicZ.

I would like to keep doing what I started in 2007. From only 3 people, to over 20 people working on a common mission, five years in the making. Would you like to be apart of it?

Webcomic Beacon #227: Webcomic Adventures with Kazerad of ‘Prequel’

Kazerad, of the webcomic Prequel, joins Fes Works and Mark Savary to talk about his comic. Prequel is a webcomic heavily inspired by MS Paint adventures and forum adventure style, crowd-influenced story telling. It is also inspired by the video game Elder Scrolls universe by Bethesda Softworks.

We had a great time with people listening live through Vokle, and asking the guest questions throughout the show. Maybe you should come listen to us live?


Break Song: She’s Hearing Voices by bloc party

Notes: ‘Prequel’ For Dummies., MS Paint Adventures,

Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for April 15, 2012; with Brad Guigar

Brad Guigar (Evil Inc. and Webcomics.com) joins the crew for this week’s discussion. For bringing you the news, we have Thomas Revor, Eric Kimball, Alex Heberling, and Jason Strawsburg!

Promo: The Geek Life

Top Stories

Stan Lee launches his own comic convention
Original Source: CNN Geek Out Blog

Comic Con in Dubai
Original Source: Time Out Dubai


Tommy Lee Edwards assembles “Brandon Generator” with Edgar Wright
Original Source: Comic Book Resources

Marvel opens digital comics store front
Original Source: Robot 6, Comic Book Resources

DC Comics to add more digital-first content
Original Source: Robot 6, Comic Book Resources

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First Issue: Season One Follow-Up Episode

It is the END of Season One of First Issue, with our follow-up episode! Please join Fes Works, Melissa Kaercher, and Marcus A.

Season 2 of First Issue will start in May, as we go back an overflowing short box of first issues. The plan is to have near-weekly shows.

Do know that while this show is also available as a podcast, you miss out if you don’t watch the video! Also, all of the DC 52 First Issue reviews are relatively spoiler free. We co not give any spoilers about significant developments or endings, or try not to anyway.


Remember that we abridge these issues, and the show is by no means a substitute for reading it yourself. If any comics we review pique your interest, there are MANY places to pick these up!

We highly recommend you check out your local comic book shop first, as that is the BEST experience for reading comic books. Otherwise there are many sources online to read and buy comic books in a digital format: DC Comics on Comixology, Marvel Digital Comics, IDW Publishing on Comixology, Dark Horse Digital, Comixology, and Graphicly.

The Tropecast #22: April Fools!

APRIL FOOLS! Adam Smithee, Alex Heberling, and Michael Dellheim are here to regale you with epic tales of… Nah! April Fools! It’s just The Tropecast!


Music: Betty Rubble by Steve Goodie
320kbps MP3 Available from TheFuMP.com

Promo: The Rampage Network

Tropes and Notes:  (As given by Adam)

Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for April 8, 2012

Ben Carver joins the crew for this week’s episode. This week, due to Easter weekend, we only have Thomas Revor and Alex Heberling, for this week’s edition of The Webcast Beacon Newscast.

Promo: Animation Aficionados



ReviewZ: The Super Fogeys
Review by Caitlin Hart

Top Stories

Oni Press becomes official Publishers of Penny Arcade
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Bucko headed to Dark Horse for publication
Original Source: Comics Alliance


Brian Bendis to write “How to” Comics Book
Original Source: Comic Book Resources

Nominees for 2012 Eisner Awards

Best Digital Comic
Bahrain, by Josh Neufeld,
Battlepug, by Mike Norton,
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, by Tony Cliff,
Outfoxed, by Dylan Meconis,
Sarah and the Seed, by Ryan Andrews,
… among others.

Original Source: Comics Alliance

Eisners drop Best New Series Category
“The judges chose to not have the New Series and Painter categories this year because they didn’t find enough contenders that reached the level of quality they were looking for,” says Eisner Awards Administrator Jackie Estrada
Original Source: Robot 6
Additionally: Eisner Nominees Announced (Robot 6)


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Webcomic Beacon #226: In Time for Easter: Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun

Eric Peterson joins Fes Works and Mark Savary, to talk about his webcomic Jesus Christ: in the Name of the Gun. A webcomic of which has changed a few writers, artists, and creative directors a few times.



Notes: Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop, Bearmegeddon), Ryan Cody, Gabriel Bautista Jr., Buy Jesus Christ in the Name of the Gun Volume 1, Volume 2,

Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for April 1, 2012

This week we have Thom Revor, Thomas Revor , Thomas Revor, and Thomas Revor, for this week’s edition of The Webcast Beacon Newscast.



Top Stories

Someone did something Crazy on April 1
Given that the news this week was collected and recorded before April 1st we don’t know exactly who did something crazy or what it was.  But we know that some webcartoonist did something and it was either awesome, offensive or lackluster.

We here at the webcomic beacon newscast would like to just take a moment to either applaud, condone or say meh to the creator who thought up this amazing or horrible or half assed April fools day event.

Found via: Some place that mentions it. –
Original Source:
The website belonging to the person who though it up probably or a collection site that collected a whole bunch of April fools jokes.


Reuben Awards AnnounceDdigital Competitors

Matthew Inman- The Oatmeal
Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins- Penny Arcade
Jon Rosenberg- Scenes from a Multiverse

Original Source: National Cartoonists Society

Doug Wright awards announced
Original Source: The Beat

Brad Guigar goes full time
Original Source: Brad Guigar


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