Webcomic Beacon #116: Skeptic Comics

Steve (Tree Lobsters) and Jeffrey (Ape, Not Monkey) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Skeptics and skeptic comics.


I apologize for the lack of notes, been busy this week, and heading to Penguicon soon!

Thanks to Witchiebunny, our announcer! Show notes: Freaks n’ Squeak’s Podcast (look for #13), (more to be filled in later)

Webcomic Beacon #115: Vaginas. (Not another dick joke).

Warning: This show is INAPPROPRIATE for ALL AGES.

Fes, Tanya, and Mark to decide to have a non-topic episode, and just start acting very inappropriate with vaginas. We are also gearing up for PENGUICON at the end of the month! Tanya continues to have mic issues, and we also discuss printing options by the end of the show.


Cover Art by: Zack Holmes of Insert Comic Here.

Milestones: The Book of Biff (1000), I Love Stupid (100),

Notes: Thanks to Witchiebunny, our announcer! APOLOGIES TO ALL WE MENTIONED!: Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Series, Wha-Chow Podcast, Questionable Vagina, Girls with Vaginas, Bob the Angry Vagina, Vaginas Like This, Dueling Vaginas, Gypsygirl Vagina, Ginger’s Vagina, Vagina Genius, Penny Vagina, Thinking Vagina Blues, Vagina Lobsters, Calamities of Vagina, Prepare to Vagina, Cat and Vagina, Vagina Lake, Between Vaginas, Vagina Hunters, Challenges of Vagina, Life Ain’t No Vagina Farm, My Cardboard Vagina, Peter is the Vagina, Badly Drawn Vaginas, Dead Vagina, Vagina I Could Do, The Vagina of Discord, Looking for Vagina, Rival Vaginas, Cheap Vaginas, Daises and Vaginas, A Pessimistic Sense of Vagina, Flaky Vagina, Supermassive Black Vagina, Vagina of the Stick, Tiny Vagina Teeth, Dan and Mab’s Furry Vaginas, Tin Lizard Productions, The Geek Life (PODCAST),

Webcomic Beacon #114: Podcasting 101 with Kurt Sasso of TGT Webcomics

Kurt Sasso (TGT Webcomics) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss podcasting in general. This is a CO-SHOW with TGT Webcomics! We talk about what brought us into podcasting, and some of our tools of the trade. We also discuss a lot about comics and readers in the third segment. This would actually be a very good introductory episode for The Webcomic Beacon!


Cover Art by: Adrian McIlroyspeed (Jayden and Crusader). Milestones: Book of Biff (4yrs) and 40 Winks (1yr)

Thanks to Witchiebunny, our announcer! Show notes: Smith Micro Software, Webcomic Reviews and Interviews (ep#51), Tall Tale Radio, The Gigcast, The Webcomic List, Atop The Fourth Wall (Linkara), Goldwave, Audacity, The LevelatorPenguicon, C2E2, THE DARK KNIGHT KILLS CHRISTMAS (2 parts), A Farewell to my Brother,

Webcomic Beacon #113: Comic Techniques: Digital vs Print

Witchiebunny (Hidden Disguises) takes over for Fes, Tanya, and Mark this week. She discusses webcomic techniques of the pros and cons to digital vs hard copies. Witchie is normally heard as the announcer in our breaks, intro, and outro music. Said music was originally composed by Fes’ late brother.


Cover Art by: Julie Sydor.