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Network Program Crew Members

Fes Works >
Webcomic Beacon and Webcomic Beacon Presents: First Issue Host and Program Director; Webfiction World fiction Reader. Webcast Beacon Network Executive Director, Producer, and Editor.
Ardra | P.S.I. | The Shifter Archive | (@fesworks)

Marcus A. >
The Webcomic Beacon Presents: First Issue Host
Razor Kid | The Razor Kid – DA | (twitter)

Ben Carver >
Webcomic Beacon Co-Host
Majestic Knight | (@BenComicGraphic)

Michael Corley >
Webfiction World Fiction Reader
Main Website | (@)

Kara Dennison >
Webfiction World Fiction Reader
Conscrew | R5 Central | (@RubyCosmos)

Melissa Kaercher >
The Webcomic Beacon Presents: First Issue Host
The Geek Life Podcast | Tin Lizard Productions | (@Chebutykin)

Terence MacManus >
Webcomic Beacon Co-Host
Average Joe | (@)

Mark Savary >
Webcomic Beacon Host
Autumn Lake | The Robot Pavilion | (@AutumnLake)

Kelly Turnbull >
Webcomic Beacon Co-Host
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things | (@coelasquid)

Network Writing Crew

Caitlin Hart >
Comic Reviewer

Naomi Craig >
Comic Reviewer

Website-Wide Crew & Credits

Fes Works >
Webcast Beacon Network Executive Director, Executive Producer, and Executive Editor.

Witchiebunny >
Announcer / Vocals
Hidden Disguises | YouTube Channel | (@witchiebunny)

Michael Sisk >
Website Design & Programming
Main Website | Inkblot & Webcomic | (@MGSisk)

Diana Nock >
2011-2013 Becky Beacon & Beacon Tower Inks
Former Webcomic Reviewer
Main Website | The Intrepid Girlbot | (@Jinxville)

Ekarez & Fes Works > Custom Musical Sequences

Becky Beacon > Network “covergirl”?… “mascot”?

Former Crew Members

Most of the past crew members include:

Brett Hainley (The Webcomic Beacon, Casual Ramblings)
Aarin Edwards (The Webcomic Beacon, Webcomic Impressions)
Peter Tarkulich
(The Webcomic Beacon, Webcomic Impressions)
Aaron Lewis
 (The Webcomic Beacon co-host)
Hans Meier (The Webcomic Beacon, note taker)
George Warden (The Webcomic Beacon, note taker)
Jim Hanson (aka Adam Smithee) (The Tropecast, host)
Michael Dellheim (The Tropecast, co-host)
Liz Statley (The Tropecast, co-host)
Rosscott (Webcomic Beacon/Newscast, host)
MCM (Webfiction World, co-host)
Jason Strawsburg (Webfiction World, reader; Webcomic Beacon/Newscast, content producer, news and copy editor, host)
Tanya Higgins (Webcomic Beacon, host)
Alex Heberling (Webcomic Beacon/Newscast & The Tropecast, co-host)
Marie Tary (Webcomic Beacon/Newscast, co-host)
Typhon Blue (Webcomic Beacon/Newscast, co-host)
Dean Esmay (Webcomic Beacon/Newscast, co-host)
Thomas Revor (Webcomic Beacon/Newscast, host)
Greg X. Graves (Webfiction World, co-host)
A.M. Harte (Webfiction World, director, host)
Eric Kimball (Webcomic Beacon/Newscast, content producer, writer, news and copy editor, host)

Music Usage in Network Programs

MusicAlley.com by Mevio

The FuMP: The Funny Music Project

Lapfox Trax Music

The Webcast Beacon Network, and it’s programming, is part of Fesworks, LLC

Network News

Send the WCBN your Press Releases!

On the subject on guidelines about sending the WCBN and its programs emails, I decided to revamp the whole Press Release policy, while also trying something new.

While there are many ways to contribute to the WCBN and its shows, including submitting your own original article, one can also submit promotional information via Press Releases. While I would encourage everyone to read the entire FAQs page first, I’ll give a quick overview on what we are looking at.

Everyone wants some recognition, and that’s fine. But please email us enough information. Too many emails come in where it’s barely a sentence or two, and doesn’t really say much. We want to know who you are (and what you go by), what you want us to know (and be detailed but still brief), and really try to sell us on it.

Remember, part of being a creative is selling yourself and your brand. That means to work on your pitch!

Why does all of this matter? Well, I’m going to trial run monthly post regarding Press Releases sent to us, as well as other information around the webcomics industry and community that may be of interest to be. Anything more news-like will be pushed to The Webcomic Beacon Newscast (if related enough). Otherwise we’ll collect the other information (where appropriate) for a monthly post for the first of the month. So if you have an event coming out during a month, get the information to us a before the 28th of the previous month.

We would prefer Press Release style notices for your own work, or heads up about news articles and tutorials. We want to increase the content of the WCBN website as well as our individual shows. This means we want to get things a little bit back to how The Webcomic Beacon was first run. Meaning more community building and sharing. We’ll be looking to have more assorted guests on that would like to talk about particular topics or recent news or upcoming events. We want to get back to that sharing of information, and promoting each other.

But first we’ll start with this trial run project first. So the next Press Release post will be on December 1st. I will be looking forward to suggestions and more submitted information. I have always been on the side of experimenting. This goes from articles to podcast episodes, to entire segments or series, or a whole new show!

I will also remind people that the strength of The Webcomic Beacon in the past was when listeners became very involved, and many eventually became crew in some fashion for some period of time. But it starts with those individuals with a drive to do something and be share it. It’s not about us telling you want to do, it’s about you telling us what could or should be done!

Frequently Asked Questions
Including steps on sending us Press Releases.

Other ways to contribute:
Podcast Appearances
Original Article Submissioms
Cover Art and Becky Beacon Art Submissions
Original Music Submissions
Webfiction Submissions for Readings
Product Reviews / Giveaways / Prizes