Webcomic Beacon #132: Readers of Webcomics

Fes, Tanya, and Mark sit down with a number of webcomic readers, such as mKinyon, AudioJam, Kurt, Carbonics, Blue, & Spidermonkey from twitter! Consider this research! Readers are one of the most important aspects of webcomics, so let’s hear what they think! We also have a live performance of I Wish I Were a Questionable Content Girl.


Cover Art by: Adrian (Jayden and Crusader)

Notes: The song was I Wish I Were a Questionable Content Girl by Blue, Planet Karen, Sarah Zero, Dog Eat Doug, Least I Could Do, Penny Arcade, Questionable Content, P.S.I., Daisies and Shit, Autumn Lake, Angel of Saint Thomas, Blank It, Jack of All Trades, Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, El Goonish Shive, Multiplex, XKCD, Doctor McNinja, Shortpacked, Axe Cop, D.J. Coffman, Comic Sans Man, , Milestones: Hobo and Bowser (2 yrs), Godseeker (100), Starshipo Captain (1 yr),

Webcomic Beacon #131: Minneapolis Indie Xpo 2010

Evan Dahm (Rice Boy) gets interviewed at MIX! Melissa Kaercher (The Geek Life)  joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss the 2010 Minneapolis Indie Xpo, including a tale of the pre-party bathroom comic! This episode was created out of Episode 130 because it went on for so long!


Cover Art by: Robyn Seale (Watcher of Yaathagggu).

Notes: Intervention Con, Templar, AZ, Achewood, Webcomic Planet Ads Widget, Gypsygirl, Ardra, Paranoia High, ComicPress, Milestones: Girls with Slingshots (1000), Jazz and Jess (5yrs), X, Why? (500)


Webcomic Beacon #130: Crash Course to Webcomics

Fes, Tanya, and Mark give a crash course to webcomics, based off of a presentation Fes gave at the 2010 Minneapolis Indie Xpo. This is a great listen for those new to publishing comics online. This episode went too long and got split into Episode 131!


Cover Art by: M. Bugbyte Koss (Messenger).

The break song was Should Know Better by Karmic Brick. Notes: Uptown Girl, Penny Arcade, PvP, VG Cats, Something Positive, Webcomic Z, The Webcomic List, Top Web Comics, Templar, AZ, Green Avenger,

Webcomic Beacon #129: stripShow & Other Comic Management Systems

Brad Hawkins, Thomas Overbeck, and Ben Carver join Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss a few different management systems to work for webcomic websites.


This includes Comic Reef, Drupal, and stripShow (for WordPress). We also get a call-in about AutoGenesis.

Cover Art by: Thomas Overbeck

Notes: The break song was Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton, BROWSER COMPATIBILITY TESTING OPTIONS, Inkblot+Webcomic, ComicPress, AutoGenesis BETA, Crossing Death, Minneapolis Indie Xpo, Dallas Webcomics Expo, Intervention Con, W3 Schools, Intragalactic, Between Failures, Freezer Burns, Alex Heberling, Rice Boy, WebcomicZ, The Peculiars indie action film, Milestones: TGT Webcomic Podcast (2 yrs)


Webcomic Beacon #128: Organizing Your Work Area

Terry (Godseeker) joins Fes and Mark to discuss how we organizing our work areas for creating comics! We are also joined by Ben Carver, Alex Heberling, and a live chatroom full of listeners!


Cover Art by: Zoë Robinson.

Notes: The break song was Welcome To The Mess by The Livingstons, Scrivener, Tree Lobsters, Google Docs, Organization Tools Spreadsheet, Exciern, Comics Tavern, Milestones: Luke Surl (1 yr)