Webcomic Beacon #8: Comic Brainstorm Session #1

Trying something new, with a Webcomic Brainstorm Session! With us is Drowemos, Gothia, and Thom brainstorming a new webcomic, essentially from scratch. Brett Hainley returns with another Casual Rambling. We also have some brutally honest Webcomic Impressions of Invincible Jeff and Radcliffe with Aarin Edwards and a Webcomic Review of What Birds Know from Diana Nock!


Webcomic Beacon #7: Open Forum Discussion #1

OPEN FORUM DISCUSSION! We kinda go all over the place this week. We do talk with Mrs. Kolter about The Comic Genesis Cookout! Aaron of The Best of What’s Left joins us as an impromptu guest host for a while. We now have Webcomic Impressions with Aarin Edwards of Aarin’s Webcomic Reviews and Blog! As well as Webcomic Milestones with our own announcer, Witchiebunny!


Webcomic Beacon #6: Single Panel Comics

Single Panel Comics, if you can technically call them “comics”, is this week’s topic. Chris Hallbeck of The Book of Biff is also with us tonight. Casual Ramblings from Brett Hainley brings us another great segment, and Diana Nock returns with a Webcomic Review of Multiplex.

We… meaning Fes, has been having some troubles this week. Hopefully He’ll work out the problems with the site and other things by next show…. and hopefully this show works to download for everyone this time. Still trying to figure that one out. I have heard using BitComet has been very successful in snagging the whole show. We’ve also change some settings which I hope now allow the show to download properly.


Webcomic Beacon #5: The Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards

The Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards are here and we talk to Frank “Damonk” Cormier all about them! Casual Ramblings from Brett Hainley continues to have no apology, and Diana Nock brings us a Webcomic Review of Dark Red.

(We had to cut out Impressions this week because it was getting very long. This weeks show clocks in at about 54 minutes.)