Webcomic Beacon #26: Comic Brainstorm Session #5: Finale & Rebirth

Fes and Aaron are joined by Eric and Thom for the final webcomic brainstorm session! … At least how you know it. In addition to wrapping up the story we’ve been working on for the past few months; we brainstorm new ideas, and new directions to take the brainstorm sessions!


Milestones: Angry D. Monkey hit 4 years, Business Casual hits 5 years, Kaspall hits 3 years, The House of Madness hits 100 strips! And the results are in from the last Strip Fight!

Have a question or comment about this week’s topic, or next week’s topic? Get involved with the show online, or leave a message at the new call-in number 1+320-310-0922!

Notes: Sites mentioned this week: Ardra, Xepher.net, Infendo, Sarah Zero, Goblins, Lowly Dregs, Darken, Bardsworth, Jenny Everywhere and the Crossing Over Worlds, Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit, Anders Loves Maria,

Webcomic Beacon #25: Community Showcase: The Webcomic List

Fes, Tanya, and Aaron face difficulties in organizing a forum approach on Skype, as we have members of The Webcomic List Forums on the show for a Community Showcase! This is an experimental episode. We hope to bring more showcases, though more structured, in the future!

Guests include: Dutch of School Spirit, EvilCouch of World’s Worst Webcomic and your mother, Glen of The Many Moons of Astra, Marko of Roomies, and Nismorak of The House of Madness.


Mark Savary also talks a bit about minimalist comics while reviewing Luz. No Impression this week, but we have the Strip Fight Weekly, Ringside Update! One milestone this week: Gordian Algebra hits 100 strips. Also World’s Worst Webcomic will be hitting 400 strips. Hey, I probably missed this before but Angry D. Monkey hit 4 years a couple weeks ago.

We received several e-mails this week! Thanks to James of Dr. Sheep and Aardvark, Ryan was pimpung Edenworld Saga, Matt of Brokenman Broken Man, and also thanks to fellow Xepher.net hostee, Rachel of Last Res0rt! Also, The Flowfield Unity has a new book out!

Also check out the Talk Shoe site for material cut from this week’s show!

Notes: Other sites mentioned: Insignificant Comics, Webcomic Wiki, The Webcomic List, WebcomicZ, Invincible Jeff,

Webcomic Beacon #24: Inking and Superhero Comics

WOW! A long show this week as we have Ben Carver, from Point Guardian, join Fes, Tanya, and Aaron to talk about Inking as well as Superhero Comics! And with discussing inking, we talk about print comics as well. A great listen for trade comic fans as well!

Ed of Meiosis sends us an e-mail. Mark Savary also talks a bit about minimalist comics while reviewing Prodigy Grey; and Peter Turkulich give his impression on The Chronicles of Avernyght. Plus the weekly Strip Fight Ringside Update!

Milestones this week are: Introspective Void hits 100 strips and Hitmen for Destiny hits 100 as well.

For some extra goodness, head over to Sugary Serials and check out a Saturday Supercast podcast featuring Diana Nock, who once did reviews on The Beacon. Also, check her Sugary Serials comic contribution: Imaginary Friends Forever! You can also buy the Sugary Serials comics in print on the cheap, and they are awesome!


Other sites mentioned: Comics That Suck, Broken Frontier, Mind Mistress, Green Avenger, Mind Leak, Thinking Ape Blues, Exiern, Mega Tokyo, Super Fogeys, Dasien, Stuperheroes, The Vanguard, Amazing Superteam, and Unamused Comics.

Webcomic Beacon #23: Newspaper Style WebComics

Mark Savary joins Fes, Tanya, and Aaron to talk about Newspaper Style Webcomics; as well as touch on newspapers comics in general. We also talk again with Michael Rouse-Deane of the Guest Strip Project, which is benefiting the Make-a-Wish International Foundation.

Mark Savary also talks a bit about minimalist comics while reviewing Pixipets. Plus the weekly Strip Fight Ringside Update! No milestones listed to us for this week.


Notes: Other sites mentioned: Chip Shop, Station V3, Able and Baker, Candi, Kevin and Kell, Autumn Lake, Count Your Sheep, Thorn, Penny Arcade, Sabrina-Online, Out There, Zebra Girl, Mad Scott, Free Fall, Lab Bratz, Least I Could Do, Garfield minus Garfield, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Book of Biff, PvP, Project Wonderful, What Birds Know, Templar Arizona, The Webcomic List Forums, The Cornstalkers, and Boxcar Astronaut.

Webcomic Beacon #22: Grayscale vs B&W vs Color Comics

Fes, Tanya, and Aaron are joining by Michael Rouse-Deane of The Guest Strip Project to talk about Grayscale vs B&W vs Color comics! It was an Open Forum discussion with a chat room and call ins! Callers included Ryan Dow, Amy, Jakob, Tara, and Peter called in dropping a Canadian printing company: Art Bookbinder.

Mark Savary reviews Ted: Enter the Purple Gerbil; and Peter Tarkulich gives his impression of Anime Invasion: The Comic. Byron also comes in to promo Strip Fight!



Milestones: Sequential Art has passed 400 strips, Butternut Squash hits its 5th year, T-N-T hits 200, Bear and Kitten reached 100 strips and is also running a contest! Cartworks hits 1 year, Alternate Reality Worlds reaches a 3rd year, Unamused Comics hits 100, and Autumn Lake hits its 3rd year as well. Also Across the Way’s story has come to an end.

Notes: Other sites mentioned: Ka-Blam Printing, Dead Days, Out There, Bear And Kitten, Little Terrors, Octopuspie, Planet Karen, Thorn, Planet Saturday Comics, Sequential Art, Darken, Zebra Girl, Kaspall, Daisy is Dead, Project A.D.A.M., Odd Fish, Angry Little Robot, The House of Madness, Beaver and Steve, Newt and John, and 67th Avenue.