Webcomic Beacon #4: Conventions!

CONVENTIONS! We all love conventions don’t we? We have a special guest host for this week, Stan Yan, who has a number of ongoing projects, and we’ll even be interviewing him as well. We welcome Casual Ramblings from Brett Hainley, and no impressions because nobody e-mailed us this week, but Tanya brings us a Webcomic Review of Jazz and Jess.


Webcomic Beacon #3: Webcomic Website Design

We are talking about webcomic website design this week. We also have a special guest host for this week is Joel Fagin, who has a number of tutorials, especially for webcartoonists to use. We got some call-ins this episode, and of course, Casual Ramblings from Brett Hainley.

Mat Sherer of Badly Drawn Kitties gets interviewed and we have a Webcomic Review of Gothbunnies, as well as one Webcomic Impression of Clit and Pecker.

This weeks show clocks in at 50 minutes.


Webcomic Beacon #2: Art vs Writing for Comics

Coming in at about 30 minutes (like originally intended), we present our second episode! On the topic of “bad” art in comics and webcomics versus it’s writing. That’s right, it’s Art vs Writing! We have a spiel from EvilCouch, and another great Casual Rambling from Brett Hainley!

We have webcomic reviews of Webcomic Reviews to Ugly Girl and Kawaii Not, as well as few Webcomic Impressions of No Experience Necessary, Wayward Robot, Flapjack and Toastie, and Road to God Knows.


Webcomic Beacon #1: So you want to make a webcomic?

Welcome to the first episode of The Webcomic Beacon! Clocking in at about 60 minutes we have crammed in a lot of content! Our topic for this week revolves around suggestions and advice for newbie webcartoonists. Along with our discussion, Brett Hainley gives us some Casual Ramblings on the subject. We also have an interview with Jonathon Dalton, and we give webcomic reviews to Abstract Gender and Planet Saturday.

Also, here is a link to The Webcomic List Forum post I mention in the show.