Webcomic Beacon #347: Screen Tablet Reviews, and What May Be Best For You

This episode took a few months to put together for several screen tablet reviews. We finally snagged a wide variety of artists for their impressions and experiences with various screen tablets for drawing digitally.

We welcomed the opinions and experiences of Peter Stormageddon, Chris Howard (Dressed for Success), Thom Pratt (Shadowbinders), Tiffany Ross (Shivae Studios), Ben Carver (Majestic Knight), Kittyhawk (Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki); Experiences span the Wacom CintiqMotion ComputingLenovo ThinkPad ConvertablesYiynovaGTCO CalCompSamsung Galaxy NoteMicrosoft Surface Pro.


Notes: DIY Cintiq / DIY MacBook ModGainSaver for refurbished Motion Computing models, ModBook Pro, Virtual Button Bar (for Photoshop and Painter Tool Sai), Leap Motion,

Also know that Wacom released (finally) an updated tablet driver for use with various tablets (and laptops) that used Wacom technology. So if you had issues with your tablet in the past, this driver may help fix things. There was a discussion initially on the Facebook group Webcomic Creators, and someone mentioned Ray Frenden’s reviews on such tablets, particularly the Yiynova). So these links and this episode should help many artists in trying to decide in want screen tablet to invest in. There are still other options out there, like the HP Elite Books and Fujitsu convertible laptops, but did not have anyone experienced with them, or did not discuss them much. If you have, please let us know of your experiences in the comments!

Some of our guests also talked about various software applications for arting, but we’ll do another episode on just software in the coming months. Even though we did talk a little bit about Manga Studio and Sketchbook Pro.

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