Webcomic Beacon #152: Newscast #4: Comic News & Discussion for Dec. 30, 2010

Dern of Hello With Cheese, joins Rosscott, Alex Heberling, and Mark Savary for this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast! We also have newshound Eric/Drowemos to thank for snooping out stories.



Newspaper Strips make way to iPhone Apps.
(via Daily Cartoonist)

Mark Waid of Boom Comics Jump’s ship to go into independent digital publishing.
(via Comics Alliance)

ACT-I-VATE to raise money for Primate Rescue Centers with Panels for Primates.
(via Newsarama)


Overview of where the direct market went wrong.
(via Comic Book Resource / Tilting At Windmills)

Print comic disables comments from web version, because they are too racy.
(via Washington Post)

Apps may make it impossible to find new comic or to build a following.
(via Comic Book Resource)

Amazon pulls erotic fiction from their stores and reader devices, without giving refunds.*
(Original Source found thru Journalista) *alleged

Dylan Horrocks Promotes The Pirating Of His Work, Pickle.
(Original Source found thru Bleeding Cool)

Webcomic Beacon #151: Working as a Writer and Artist Team

Lee & Lisa (Godseeker) and Aric & Lemmo (Blank It)  join Fes to discuss working as Writer and Artist teams. Apologizes for the varying audio quality.

Cover Art by: Ahmed Fahim (Antisoshell). Be sure to check out all of our guest/fan art!


Notes: Break song was It’s not so much that I disagree with you, it’s that you’re wrong by  The Gentlemen Lethal Doses, Pure Pwnage, Northwind,

Webcomic Beacon #150: Digital Distribution & Sales

Niki Smith and  Michael Jasper (In Maps and Legends) joins Fes and Mark to discuss digital distribution and selling comics as eBooks.  Niki and Michael had won a Zuda competition and had a few chapters published online with them before Zuda went under. They then made their way onto Comixology and others.


Notes: The break song was All I Want For Christmas is Stuff by TV’s Kyle, Zuda, ComiXology, Graphic.ly, Wowio, Robot Comics, Drive Thru Comics, Niki’s forum discussion, Milestones:Troops of Doom (300), Tree Lobsters (2 yrs), Retails Gods (1 yr)

Webcomic Beacon #149: Newscast #3: Comic News & Discussion for Dec. 12, 2010

Rosscott, Alex Heberling, and Fes for this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast! We also have newshound Eric/Drowemos to thank for snooping out stories.


News and discussions covered on this episode:

Diamond making a move towards digital distribution.
(via BleedingCool.com. Also seen on Journalista)

Pros saying that conventions aren’t worth it anymore?
(via The Webcomic Factory. Also heard on Webcomics Weekly, & seen on Fleen)

The Adjusted, and it’s multi-online device comparability & distribution.
(via American Consumer News)

Ron Perazza (Zuda) promoted to VP of Online for DC Entertainment.
(via HyperGeek.ca)

ComicPress, Comic Easel, and Frumph.
(via ComicPress.net)

Ryan Estrada’s 1-month Animated Feature.

ReTweets to win!

Webcomic Beacon #148: The Tropecast #2: Breaking the 4th Wall

In this Tropecast, Jules Rivera (Marsh Rocket) joins Adam and Alex to discuss the trope Breaking the 4th Wall! Mainly as a basic introduction to the basic forms of breaking the fourth wall, complete with examples. This is a simple idea, but can expand into a multitude of additional points of interest and discussion (of which we’ll save for later!).

TV Tropes: “Breaking The 4th Wall“, “No Fourth Wall“, “Sliding Scale of 4th Wall Hardness


Webcomic Beacon #147: THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Fes, Tanya, and Mark, are here to celebreate THREE YEARS of THE WEBCOMIC BEACON! We are also joined by two of the new TWCB crew, Adam and Alex! We attempt to talk talk about webcomics.. pffft HAHAHA! No we don’t try too hard, but we have a lot of fun on this episode, talking about whatever! Thanks to all who have contributed to the show and listened to the show!


Cover Art by: Ahmed Fahim (Antisoshell). Be sure to check out all the art we’ve received over the years!

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Notes: The break song was Schrödinger’s Cat by Peter Greenstone, Antisoshell, Fan Animation, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Schrödinger’s Cat, mentioned XKCD strip, Hello The Future (Blue), Jinxtigr, Penguicon, Two Cents in 60 Seconds, Two Kinds, The Adventures of Blue Bird, The Apple of Discord, TV Tropes, Digital Strips, Gigcast, The Dish, Medium Large, Webcomics Weekly, Toilet Genie, The System, Super Art Fight, Slightly Off-Topic, Sherm Sherman Twitter, Gayzilla Twitter, Demon Eater, , Milestones: Life of Nob T. Mouse (14 yrs) and Ardra (5yrs)

Webcomic Beacon #146: Newscast #2: Comic News & Discussion for Dec. 2, 2010

Rosscott and Alex Heberling are joined with Fes for this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast! We also have newshound Eric/Drowemos to thank for snooping out stories.


We talk a bit about Comixology signing independent comic creators, to utilize their digital comic distribution system. They have a self-authoring sign-up on their website. Also, as reported on The Anime News Network, many Manga publishers are starting to go the digital distribution route. A great amount of research has been done by George Rohac, with his Master’s Thesis on Copyright and the Economy of Webcomics (with additional commentary on Fleen). Also, we discuss Marvel’s “Digital Comic Vault”.

Book Releases: Girls with Slingshots vol 5, Webcomics: What’s Cooking? Kickstarter.