Webcomic Beacon #152: Newscast #4: Comic News & Discussion for Dec. 30, 2010

Dern of Hello With Cheese, joins Rosscott, Alex Heberling, and Mark Savary for this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast! We also have newshound Eric/Drowemos to thank for snooping out stories.



Newspaper Strips make way to iPhone Apps.
(via Daily Cartoonist)

Mark Waid of Boom Comics Jump’s ship to go into independent digital publishing.
(via Comics Alliance)

ACT-I-VATE to raise money for Primate Rescue Centers with Panels for Primates.
(via Newsarama)


Overview of where the direct market went wrong.
(via Comic Book Resource / Tilting At Windmills)

Print comic disables comments from web version, because they are too racy.
(via Washington Post)

Apps may make it impossible to find new comic or to build a following.
(via Comic Book Resource)

Amazon pulls erotic fiction from their stores and reader devices, without giving refunds.*
(Original Source found thru Journalista) *alleged

Dylan Horrocks Promotes The Pirating Of His Work, Pickle.
(Original Source found thru Bleeding Cool)

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