Webcomic Beacon #138: DEMONS!!

David Emerson (Underling) and Jilly the Foo (Demon Eater) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss DEMONS! Like the Vampire and Zombie episodes last year, this is a discussion of the concept and use of Demons. We talk a bit about theological and mythical aspects, as well as some in pop culture. We also try not to piss off any theologies…


Notes: The break song was Demons (Radio Edit) by The Wanton Looks, Unamused Comics, Blank It, Lethal Doses, Crazy Ghosts, Home on the Strange, PENGUICON 2011, Slightly Off-Topic, Youmacon 2010, Anime Detour, YU+ME, 30 Characters Challenge, Milestones: Tree Lobsters (200), Zombie George (100), My Cardboard Like (400)

Webcomic Beacon #137: Dead Webcomics

Fes, Tanya, and Nate to discuss DEAD WEBCOMICS! … as well as some Halloweenish comics. We start with talking about New Twitter and conventions, but roll into webcomics dying off. There’s also good tangential commentary!


Cover Art by: Ryan Dow (Introspective Comics)

Notes: The break song was Cookie Monster (Radio Edit) by xtt, MCBA FallCon, Spooky Doofus, Dead Winter, The Zombie Hunters, Night Zero, Jazz and Jess, Blue Dragon Comics, The Belfry lost comics, Archive.org, Zebra Girl, Tree Lobsters, Skepchicks, Mermaid Hostel, Peepshow 2001 Calendar, The Deadlys, P, C, & P, Crossover Kill, Charby the Vampirete, Underling, Demon Eater, The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive, Emergency Exit, Parallel Dementia, Something Positive, Girls with Slingshots, Th3rd World Studios, Digital Strips, The Gigcast, The Dish, TGT Webcomics, Webcomics Wepodfadded,

Extending Programming

Off-Schedule Programming

The Webcomic Beacon webcomic podcast is looking to expand its monthly programming, beyond it’s normal Sunday broadcasts. The Sunday, topical shows will continue as normal. We are looking to supplement them with “off-schedule” episodes that can be scheduled more flexibly with all parties. These may only have 1-2 of the main hosts, as well as possible new co-hosts, specifically for these new shows. The plan is to have at least 1-2 additional shows a month, sometimes referred to “minisodes” as they are planned to be half the time of the normal Sunday shows.

We are looking potential, dedicated persons that could contribute. We are primarily looking for people interested in podcasting, but we are considering blog writers as well. We are looking to add programming such as:

  • Webcomic community & industry news.
    This would be from independent data gathering and/or commenting on (and crediting) existing news reports.
  • Spotlighting more creators
    We we may not have time to schedule for a Sunday show, or when a shorter show would be more appropriate.
  • New segments
    Have an idea for a podcast, but maybe not enough for a whole show? Or just an idea for a monthly/bi-monthly segment? Maybe we can work something out!
  • Expanding beyond webcomics themselves
    There is a lot of creativity online, and it’s not just in webcomics. Without changing the show’s core programming, we are willing to look into other creative realms. The Webcomic Beacon has always been about webcomics, but really it’s been about getting out there and being creative, and doing what you want to do.

We may select portions of submitted recordings for our main episodes. We may also post recordings, whole or in-part, as separate, non-episode posts or content. Recordings may also find themselves on free sampler MP3 CDs we give away at times. If you have your own podcast or website, but would like added exposure, we may like to play samples of  your recordings on an episode or non-episode post. Of course, linking back to the source(s) for full coverage.

Is this a paying gig? HAHAHAHAHA!!! We don’t even get paid! The Webcomic Beacon is funded very slightly from ads and sponsorships, but mostly out of pocket. Those interested in being apart of the team should have a passion of their own for webcomics. Credit and links are the minimum that we can oblige. Other aspects like press privileges, will be included when possible, as available.

Further questions can be directed here.

Additional discussion and ideas will pop up in the comments.

Webcomic Beacon #136: Spotlight & Tangents with Adam Huber

Adam Huber (Bug) is spotlighted in this episode and joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark! The whole crew ends up going on tangent upon tangent of assorted thoughts on comic creation. But we also start ranting about Pluto!

Cover by: Adam Huber (Bug)


Notes: The break song was Bugs by The Detonators, Jennie Breeden’s FAQs, Templar, AZ, Spike’s Twitter, TGT Media’s What’s Cooking, Milestones: Villain’s Club (4 yrs), Sailor Sun (500), The Bess Effect (100), Slightly Off Topic (400), Gypsy (5 yrs), Claviger (end)