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Frequently Asked Questions
Please be sure to read these before submitting. Please follow steps on sending us Press Releases; including special event announcements, like charity drives and contests, book releases, etc.

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Podcast Appearances

We do not typically just let anyone on a podcast to talk about whatever, but we are not against it. One should, however, make a good case for yourself to either be interviewed or to talk about a particular subject or recent news article. That means your emails (to the appropriate show’s email) should be more than just a couple of sentences. Really present yourself and your case as to why you would be a good person to have on the show, as well as be enlightening, interesting, and/or entertaining. Tell us a bit about the subject you’d like to talk about, or why you want to discuss a particular news event (that relates to a particular show’s theme).

Original Article Submissions

Submissions are currently: OPEN

The Webcast Beacon Network will be opening up to original article submissions for tutorials, guides, event/convention reports, interviews, and editorials… perhaps other things as well.

You can submit articles here.

The WCBN does not make any claim of ownership of user submitted material.

We may also allow MP3 recordings of submitted articles. Verbal versions of articles will not be required, but can help give some extra pizzazz in some cases. In addition to actual articles, and possibly audio contributions, we will also look into original video submissions.

Not all submissions will get approved, as per our discretion. Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information. If you have questions, email

“Cover Art” featuring Becky BeaconArtwork by Diana Nock. Becky Beacon is a copyright and trademark of The Webcast Beacon Network & Fesworks, LLC

Ah, yes, Becky Beacon has been The Webcomic Beacon’s “cover girl” for over 3 years! She’s graced many episode covers of The Webcomic Beacon’s main programming, many of which have been drawn by guests and listeners!

Becky is our cover girl, of sorts. Normally she’s an average build, average height woman, with a bit of pudge. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. She’s also a non-verbal mute (but not deaf); she smiles a lot, but is socially shy. A nice seemingly average girl that can do anything, really!

Anyone can draw Becky for us. So far, we’ve used every single contribution for an episode cover. Well, some are in a waiting line until we get a show. Sometime we hold them because they may go well with a particular topic, or a guest may have made an art for a specific show.

Generally, there are very few rules for drawing her. If you go into more of a “adult” theme, please ask first. Becky is talented, but is socially shy. She is a non-verbal mute, so no word balloons (it’s ironic she works in “radio”). Text is not recommended. If you use background or include your own characters WITH Becky, keep it simple. remember we need to add our own text and information for the covers.

We may slightly edit the art to work better with the covers, but are left unaltered on the art Page for all to see the original. Artists are credited on the show post, the cover itself, and the art page posts. Draw big, with margins, so we can crop and resize as needed. Cover dimensions are a 16:9 ratio, with me usually sticking Becky on the left of the cover. I’d prefer a transparent background with just Becky.

► Email the appropriate program email, as listed on our contact page, with “Becky Art: [brief and specific info here]” in the subject.

Original Music SubmissionsArtwork by Diana Nock. Becky Beacon is a copyright and trademark of The Webcast Beacon Network & Fesworks, LLC

Something new we will be trying to using original music in some of the programs. We already pick selection of music from Music Alley, The FuMP, and Lapfox Trax, which have podsafe music, which is license/royalty-free music for use on podcast (that aren’t selling the music). While we would accept submissions of original music directly, we are also looking for LYRIC-LESS  music in a variety of styles and genres.

Music is selected on a per-episode basis. We try to find music that fits a specific topic or feel of a show. For the Lyric-Less music, the plan is to use portions here and there. It’s still an experiment in progress. Anything we’d use is obviously credited and linked to (by your choice), such as a storefront.

► Email the Webcast Beacon Network at WebcastBeacon-at-gmail-dot-com, with “Music Submission: [brief and specific info here]” in the subject. Submitting doesn’t guarantee use. The individual shows will decide what gets played, and what doesn’t. Either for content or time.

Webfiction Submissions for Readings

Submissions are currently: OPEN

Right now, for Webfiction World, we select readings that are public domain, creative commons (allowance to use), or works with permission specifically given to us to use. We’ve recently had to go on hiatus, to figure out the next step for the show. Part of that is to propagate a new webfiction reading list; another part is to find 1-2 new readers as well.

If you have your own writings that you’d like to offer up for readings, you may submit the first chapter or two of an on-going, or completed, story; as well as one-off stand-alone works. We are looking at things that would take 15-25 minutes to read, which is about 3000-5000 words. (minimum of 2500 words, unless we pair short stories together in a single episode) The idea is to allow Webfiction World to produce new listening material, while also promoting the works used for new reading material.

For now, the chapters or short stories we read on the show should be available to read for free online somewhere.

If you would rather submit your own reading of your own material; audio quality permitting, we can work with that too.

Not all submissions may get used, per our discretion.

This will be a License to Use for us, for using your material on our show. Writers maintain all of the rights to their work. If you would later need to have us remove our reading (like per agreement with a publisher), we shall comply. We also do not sell ads on the webfiction reading episodes. We add some site info, a musical intro/outro, read the fiction, and tell people where they can read more.

Additionally, if you are interested in being a fiction READER for the show, email us for details. We’ll basically need an example audio performance or reading from you (maybe 1-3 minutes), in order to gauge your ability to read a writing; as well as gauge the quality of the audio of your current equipment and abilities.

If you need access to a file sharing option, please use this link to sign up for a free DropBox account.

► Email Webfiction World at WebfictionWorld-at-gmail-dot-com, with “Reading Submission: [Title of Piece]” in the subject (or specific question(s)).

Comic Book Reviews and Webcomic/Webfiction Impressions

Submissions are currently: closed

We will gladly accept review copies of printed versions of their comics (not limited to only webcomic-to-print). Any and all submissions will be used as giveaways or prizes in contests, after they have been reviewed. However, do not submit if you are not willing to have a fully-honest review. While these will not be mean-spirited, they will also not be sugar-coated.

Fesworks, LLC
P.O. Box 22181
Robbinsdale, MN 55422

► You may also alert us and/or ask questions by emailing the Webcomic Beacon at WebcomicBeacon-at-gmail-dot-com, with “Book Review: [brief and specific info here]” in the subject. We reserve the right to not review submitted materials, based on content or legal concerns. Sorry. Non-comic work not accepted at this time, for review.

ADDITIONALLY, if you have a FIRST ISSUE of your comic (issue, not a large trade or collection), you may also opt to get reviewed by the First Issue crew for the First Issue webseries (instead of The Webcomic Beacon podcast). At this time, we would be limited to no more than one review a month on listener/watcher created and submitted comic books.

Webcomic/Webfiction Impressions
At this time, we are currently not accepting submissions for typical webcomic/webfiction reviews or impressions, like we have in the past. There are assorted reasons why we discontinued that. Sorry.

Product Reviews / Giveaways / Prizes

If you would like to submit products (hardware, software, books, music, etc) for use to use or for evaluation on a program, and/or to be used as a giveaway or prize, you can sent them to:

Fesworks, LLC
P.O. Box 22181
Robbinsdale, MN 55422

Additionally, email the appropriate program email, as listed on out contact page, with “Product Submission: [brief and specific info here]” in the subject; for further questions. Plus, please follow steps on sending us Press Releases.

Donate / Flattr / Paypal

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Further questions can be directed here.

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Network News

Send the WCBN your Press Releases!

On the subject on guidelines about sending the WCBN and its programs emails, I decided to revamp the whole Press Release policy, while also trying something new.

While there are many ways to contribute to the WCBN and its shows, including submitting your own original article, one can also submit promotional information via Press Releases. While I would encourage everyone to read the entire FAQs page first, I’ll give a quick overview on what we are looking at.

Everyone wants some recognition, and that’s fine. But please email us enough information. Too many emails come in where it’s barely a sentence or two, and doesn’t really say much. We want to know who you are (and what you go by), what you want us to know (and be detailed but still brief), and really try to sell us on it.

Remember, part of being a creative is selling yourself and your brand. That means to work on your pitch!

Why does all of this matter? Well, I’m going to trial run monthly post regarding Press Releases sent to us, as well as other information around the webcomics industry and community that may be of interest to be. Anything more news-like will be pushed to The Webcomic Beacon Newscast (if related enough). Otherwise we’ll collect the other information (where appropriate) for a monthly post for the first of the month. So if you have an event coming out during a month, get the information to us a before the 28th of the previous month.

We would prefer Press Release style notices for your own work, or heads up about news articles and tutorials. We want to increase the content of the WCBN website as well as our individual shows. This means we want to get things a little bit back to how The Webcomic Beacon was first run. Meaning more community building and sharing. We’ll be looking to have more assorted guests on that would like to talk about particular topics or recent news or upcoming events. We want to get back to that sharing of information, and promoting each other.

But first we’ll start with this trial run project first. So the next Press Release post will be on December 1st. I will be looking forward to suggestions and more submitted information. I have always been on the side of experimenting. This goes from articles to podcast episodes, to entire segments or series, or a whole new show!

I will also remind people that the strength of The Webcomic Beacon in the past was when listeners became very involved, and many eventually became crew in some fashion for some period of time. But it starts with those individuals with a drive to do something and be share it. It’s not about us telling you want to do, it’s about you telling us what could or should be done!

Frequently Asked Questions
Including steps on sending us Press Releases.

Other ways to contribute:
Podcast Appearances
Original Article Submissioms
Cover Art and Becky Beacon Art Submissions
Original Music Submissions
Webfiction Submissions for Readings
Product Reviews / Giveaways / Prizes