Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for April 1, 2012

This week we have Thom Revor, Thomas Revor , Thomas Revor, and Thomas Revor, for this week’s edition of The Webcast Beacon Newscast.



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Someone did something Crazy on April 1
Given that the news this week was collected and recorded before April 1st we don’t know exactly who did something crazy or what it was.  But we know that some webcartoonist did something and it was either awesome, offensive or lackluster.

We here at the webcomic beacon newscast would like to just take a moment to either applaud, condone or say meh to the creator who thought up this amazing or horrible or half assed April fools day event.

Found via: Some place that mentions it. –
Original Source:
The website belonging to the person who though it up probably or a collection site that collected a whole bunch of April fools jokes.


Reuben Awards AnnounceDdigital Competitors

Matthew Inman- The Oatmeal
Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins- Penny Arcade
Jon Rosenberg- Scenes from a Multiverse

Original Source: National Cartoonists Society

Doug Wright awards announced
Original Source: The Beat

Brad Guigar goes full time
Original Source: Brad Guigar



Shifty lock Interview
Original Source: The Examiner

Least I Could Do “Swede” Gallery
Original Source: Star Pirates


What’s up with manga? A comics fan’s deep dive
Found via: Robot 6 – Original Source: ABC News

PBS Documentary on art on the internet
Original Source: ComicTalk


LG begins producing a flexible e-ink screen
Found via: Slashdot – Original Source: Extreme Tech


Batman’s Charity works
Original Source: The Washington Post

Sink or Swim: Digital Publishers Need to Be Bold
Found via: @PublishersWkly – Original Source: Wired

The problem of hating your fans
This isolation has been built and continued because there is that former fan-turned-pro mentality that secretly thumbs their nose at the readers they used to be. They are on the other side of the convention table now and the last thing they want you to do is be on that side with them. They want your money and your applause, but after five minutes at the table or online, they want you to go away so they’ll have more time to snicker and poke fun of you with their peers that share their side of the convention table. Trust me, there are very few comic book creators and folks on the publishing side that even read comics today. They immerse themselves in their own work and maybe check out their work of their friends, but other than looking to steal an artist, they don’t read comics for the most part. Hard to take, but trust me, it’s true. – Eric

Original Source: Comics Bulletin


Leaping Robot
Original Source: Slashdot

Steam Punk Starwars
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Taco Copter If only it were true
Original Source: Digital Trends

Webcomic Beacon Newscast Thom Revor found to be disseminating phony news
Original Source:
Webcomic Beacon Newscast host Thomas Revor has been found to be releasing a bogus news story about DC Co-publisher Dan DiDio leaving DC Comics.  When asked about it, Revor said “It’s April 1st!  Did anyone ever think DiDio would leave a cushy job where he could be a bad writer and editor and be promoted for it?” – Eric


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