Comic of the Week: Kiwi Blitz by Mary Cagle

Kiwi Blitz
by Mary Cagle

Comic of the Week picked by: @fesworks

Kiwi Blitz is set in a world where people fight in mecha-animal battle competitions, and androids are somewhat common. Amongst this is Steffi, a mecha combatant that decides to take up vigilantism one day. And she’s just a kid! If there is anything I can say about this, is that it’s main character is fricken cute! I can blame the artistic style of this comic for it’s “sorta-chibi-mixed-with-muppets” look, but Steffi is also written so damn adorably! I really love Mary’s art style!

There’s a supporting cast that has some fun character dynamics, and it is really fun to watch these play out. Though the real storylines come from mostly what Steffi runs into when she is “Blitz”, and the current storyline is getting heavy into what feels like is going to be plot that will keep coming back for more in the future.

There is certainly a sense of structure to the storylines, but the plot storytelling doesn’t feel as strong as the art or the character dynamics. Still very fun comic!

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SFW*: Violence. Vigilantism.


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