Webcomic Beacon Review: Vindibudd: Superhero in Training by A. S. Williams

Let’s look at a strip comic again. With this Webcomicv Review Trial Run, I’ve been mostly submitted story-based comics. So! Let’s take a look at Vindibudd: Superhero in Training, or… possibly “The Adventures of Vindibudd: Superhero in Training”. For the sake of breathing, Let’s just call it “Vindibudd”.

Webcomic Beacon Review: Domain Tnemrot by David Herbert and Tatiana Lepikhina

The comic’s name is “Domain Tnemrot”, but “tnemrot” is… I had to double check to see if it was an error. It doesn’t really look like a word, let alone I have no idea how to pronounce it. Which is a huge issue, in regards to someone remembering a name or url, which is “tnemrot.com”. (Fortunately, the website has a FAQ page explaining that it is pronounced “Nem-rot. The first T is silent.”).

Webcomic Beacon Review: Jikoshia by Emily R. Gillis

Ok! Now this is a better way to use URLs for a comic, while also branding oneself. Actually… I think this was a website I had looked at once for a Webcomic Website review. I’m not sure how much advice I needed to give, but I do kinda remember how it used to look. It still has a nice logo melded with a menu bar.