WebcomicZ Looking for Assistance or New Partner(z).

For those that don’t know, WebcomicZ had become a property of Fesworks, LLC and combined with The Webcast Beacon Network. The major change was making WebcomicZ the webcomic list site, in combination with Webcast Beacon Network taking on some of the WebcomicZ designs and articles.

WebcomicZ was originally supposed to be worked on with [name and website redacted], but that long fell through. So with really nothing more that I, Fes, can do with the website (other than maintaining it in its webcomic list state); I would really like to see if there is anyone out there that would like to do something more with the WebcomicZ website.

Especially if there is someone, or a team of people, that would have an investing interest in making the webcomic list site better than it is. To better serve the webcomics community.

I am hesitant to actually sell the property, but will entertain offers to buy out, or even partner in really doing something with the property (as a webcomic list site, as a base).

If interested, or have additional questions, please email webcomicZ@gmail.com.

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