Webcomic Beacon #341: Bond? James Bond!

Rich Morris (Yet another fantasy Gamer Comic) joins Fes and Melissa Kaercher to talk about James Bond 007!

Why? Rich was once on the show to talk about Doctor Who because of his fan comic, The Ten Doctors; and has recently been working on a James Bond + Doctor Who crossover fan comic. With the 50 year anniversaries of both Doctor Who and James Bond happening relatively now, why not round things out with a podcast about James Bond?


Cover by: Rich Morris (pencils), Christina Folker (Ink & Color)

“Elevator 1” and “Elevator 2” from Goldeneye 007 (N64 soundtrack)

“A Time to Live, A Time to Kill!”
by Richie Brackin (Lyrics and vocals) and Ken Fields (music and mixing)

Notes: The Geek Life, The Sound and the Foley, Webcomic Beacon Doctor Who episode, Webcomic Beacon Time Travel episode,  Webcomic Beacon Fanfiction episodeRich’s Comix Blog, First page of A Time to Live, A Time To Kill, First page of The Ten Doctors, fan-made, mash-up intro sequence for A Time To Kill, Everything or Nothing documentary,


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