Webcomic Beacon #300/#100: The Webcomic Beacon AND Newscast FU-SION-HA!

The Webcomic Beacon and Newscast podcasts recombine into ONE SHOW! With this 100th episode of the Newscast, we celebrate 300 episodes (though technically this would be episode 339, so this is a belated celebration!)!

Joining Fes Works to celebrate: former newscast crew members Marie Tary, Rosscott, Thom Revor, Alex Heberling, Jason Straswburg, and Eric Kimball! We see what they have been up to, and share some convention stories as well! Enjoy this extra long episode!


Notes: The Hues, The Shifters (Redux), Murry and Lewy, Blade Bunny, Super Art Fight, The System, 910 CMX,

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Homestuck: fans ICP of the internet… so ironic and appropriate! I got hooked a few months ago — took me weeks to get caught up to the latest updates. It’s amazing.

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