Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for April 7th, 2013


Marcus A. joins Ben Carver and Fes Works for another edition of the newscast! We discuss the passing of Carmine Infantino and his contributions to the comic industry and history. Also a look at not-so-good advice for burgeoning webcomic creators, and more!


Carmine Infantino Passed away
Reflecting on the career of this legendary comic book artist.

David Herbert’s advice for new creators
If you’re a burgeoning webcomic creator, you probably look towards your established idols for advice. Unfortunately, these guys aren’t always great at giving it – over at the Webcomic Overlook, David Herbert has listed a few of the bad things he’s heard people say, that you should avoid .

“Gender Through Comic Books” Online Course from Comixology?
Well, In association with Comixology, put up by the Ball State University. A multitude of required reading (that you can buy on Comixology), but the course if free.

With the Limited Time 35% off of course books, as of March 22, 2013, the cost of the reading material is almost $80. Includes titles like Superman, Captain Marvel (2012), Secret Six (2008), The Last Man, and a few more.

Small Press Xpo Gets Bigger. One Year Only?
Seen online and emailed by SPX. Because of, basically, a huge mishap with online registration, they got WAY more applications, with no way to stop it, than they anticipated. With the server going down due to the influx of applications, they had to send out an apology in advance, due to the number of people they would have to reject.
SPX is and always has been a curated expo, so when people get rejected, they get refunded. This year, due to everything mentioned, they took a moment to evaluate their situation. They found they could accommodate about 70 more exhibitors by renting out more space (within their existing location). This is them taking a chance on a larger show, and they say it won’t be a guarantee for next year. Everything will hinge on how well all exhibitors do this year. Will it work for the better, or will there be too many exhibitors in relation to visitors (i.e. less sales for all). (Small Press Xpo)

XKCD updates all week, every half hour with single GIF frame
From the updated known as “Time”; and each frame was collected and put into an animated GIF on Explained XKCD and other places.

Ryan Estrada to Release Several of his unused comic scripts as Creative Commons BY 3.0 License
He doesn’t have the time or drive for them, but maybe someone else can. He wants to see if others can bring his unused ideas to life. Originally seen on the Webcomic Creators Facebook page.

Seattle Museum of Flight to showcase Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane:
Seattle Museum of Flight link and 360 Cockpit view. Found through DCWomenKickingAss (with another Picture).

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Hey guys, only just saw this. Glad you liked my column. And that you pronounced my surname right (Never understood why people have trouble with it).

I think you guys helped expand on it. As for who would give this advice? This was secretly a “Why I don’t listen to Scott Kurtz anymore” list. Everything is something he has, in earnest, told people to do. In a webcomics weekly he admitted he told his protege to never worry about getting a comic on time, something important to her, because she doesn’t really have an audience yet. As for number four, yep, he honestly believes in that. When Gary Friedrich was sued by Marvel, he did a blog about since he and Jeff Smith were successful being creator-owned, everyone else would be.

But yeah, good podcast, will look at some of your others. Especially ones that mention me (Hah!)

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