Webcomic Beacon #259: Absurd Comics, and Can They Last?

Jules Rivera joins Fes Works and Kelly Turnbull once again, to help us discuss the “absurd” comics, and if it can last. We do get off topic a bit here and there, and talk about absurd TV shows, like Robot Chicken; but we had a real fun time with Jules! I mean, with her being on the show. Talking to her.


Cover Art:
By Alex Claw (All Manner of Bad)
(If you’d like to contribute your own art, see here.)

Show Music:
No Sense by Francis Collete
Found on MusicAlley.com

Show Notes:
5th Anniversary Episode, Buttersafe, Axe Cop,

Next Sunday we will be talking about methods in how people deal with Artist’s or Writer’s block. If you have a suggestion, you can email us text, or an audio file (call-in), or call-in and leave a voicemail at 1+320-310-0922, before Feb 17th.

We are also hoping to put together a “Fake Geek” episode sometime; both in being serious and having fun with it. If you think you might be a good person to have on the show for this, shoot us an email!

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