Webcomic Beacon #258: Interview with Katie Tiedrich of Awkward Zombie

Katie Tiedrich joins Fes Works, Mark Savary, and Kelly Turnbull to talk about her gaming related comic, Awkward Zombie, which is full of Smash Bros., TF2, Mass Effect, Legend of Zelda, and Fire Emblem jokes! As well as her other endeavors. We had a really fun time, but things did end up getting a little awkward towards the end. Why? Blame Fes. We also talk about what conventions we may be attending this year.


Cover Art:
By Katie Tiedrich
(If you’d like to contribute your own art, see here.)

Show Music:
The King of Awkward Conversations by Pro Audio
Found on MusicAlley.com

Show Notes:
Awkward Zombie, Aikonia, Web-Artist Charity Drive results, Katie’s twitter, “that… one TF2 comic of Katie’s we mentioned“, Fearless Comedy, Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls,

Fes also appeared on Obsessed (with Joseph Scrimshaw), so please go check out the episode where Fes talks about his obsession with projects!

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