Seeking New Webcomic Beacon Newscast Crew Members!

The Webcomic Beacon is looking for a new crew for The Webcomic Beacon Newscast!

The goal of the newscast is to bring to light interesting and/or informative articles or happenings affecting artists and writers (particularly in relation to comics). Though we will probably change things up in 2013 with a focus on trimming the fat of the items we find, to only a handful we really want to talk about.

And you could be a part of that new dynamic!

We are looking for a few aspects, for a few different needs of the show, and will be vetting people in the coming weeks. Simply put, we need:

  • News and Event Seekers (search a list of sites for interesting articles).
  • Copy Writers (Write up summaries, possibly construct the show posts).
  • Hosts and Episode Recorders (Be able to record shows for back-ups).

I can tell you we already have a few people that are interested in hosting. I can tell you that we’ll be looking and a minimum of three hosts. Preferably we would like hosts that can search for articles and events, and write summaries of those events. Additionally, any new crew will be vetted:

  • Cannot be an asshole. We don’t condone insult or harassment “humor”.
  • Must work well with co-hosts. Finding a good dynamic is key.
  • Audio quality and strong internet connection a must*, for hosts.
  • Must be available for an every other Sunday schedule.

As mentioned, the shows will be planned to be recorded on an every other week basis. Looking at Sundays, mid-day-ish. That gives news and event seekers two weeks to find items to discuss, and have summaries written.

For hosts, one big hurdle is getting a regular schedule down. We also want people to show up regularly. If you can’t regularly show up, we just can’t consider you for the main hosting crew.

* We can vet potential hosts, even if the audio quality is poor. Because finding out one’s speaking abilities doesn’t need a good mic (initially). However, anyone we want for the main crew should not be using cheap mics, or built-in mics. We’ll work from there once we get to it. Additionally, the ability for at least one of the hosts to record the show (there’s a program people can use for the easy way) would be most desirable.

If anyone has questions about being a part of the crew, please email us, or post here. If you would like to be considered for the crew, please email “”.

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I would be willing to give it a shot. I am a 47 year old artist from Burlington, VT. My creative partner and I have recently ventured into webcomics; serializing our book HOLLIDAY: Mountain Madness – (yes I am lagging behind in updates, but our meager fanbase is strong and understanding!) which will have an update on Saturday. I have been a freelancer since graduating high school in the mid 80’s- produced public access media and even did a 2 year tour in film school.

My skills with art are hands-on traditional materials; ink, dip pen and brush, wet media color, and film/video. I got photoshop back in ’99 and added that to my toolkit- it is a primary tool now, WITHOUT leaving the hand drawn mediums behind. My philosophy is to use them together but not have the art overwhelmingly appear digital. My current art can be seen here-

I bring a knowledge of media, publishing and comics- I am a web addict and gobble down info every day(to the detriment of my work at times) about same. I know my comics history and my art technique- so I might be a good co-host in addition to any of the others you pick. I am also a newbie to plunging into webcomics (my infrequent postings will attest) so I might bring a fresh attitude. I can also bring the view of a slightly older artist who realized the transition into new media delivery systems was mandatory to succeed in being an indy comics creator and plunged in, rather than a youngster for whom this is “just the way you do it”.

Greg Giordano

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