Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for October 7th, 2012

Typhon Blue (GendErratic) joins us in this week’s webcomic and comic news discussion. We mostly talk about “Dreed doing women right”?; Membership, Paywalls, and Ads; Homestuck and how to be a success by accident; and more! Dean Esmay heads the show this week; and thanks to all of our news team: Thom Revor, Dean Esmay, Marie TaryAlex Heberling, Jason Strawsburg, and Eric Kimball.

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Top Stories

‘Scott Pilgrim’ Guy Interviews ‘Homestuck’ Guy: Bryan Lee O’Malley On Andrew Hussie
Original Source: Comics Alliance
Additionally: Gamasutra: Homestuck becomes the third highest funded game on Kickstarter
Additionally: PBS’s Idea Channel: Is Homestuck the Ulysses of the Internet?


Interview with Henery Kuo
Original Source: Webcomic Overlook

How Dredd gets women right
Found via: Bleeding Cool
Original Source: New Statesman


Google discontinue AdSense for RSS feeds
Original Source: Google

Why membership is better than a paywall
Original Source: GiGaOM


Walking Dead lawsuit settled
Found via: Comic Book Resources


How to introduce your friends to good comics for them
Original Source: USA Today

Cutout Artwork
Original Source: David Allen Reeves


Warren Ellis on how to sell a digital comic
Found via: Bleeding Cool
Original Source: Warren Ellis

David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly Goes Live
Original Source: The Beat

Legendary Pictures Releases Their First Comic Book
Original Source: Huffington Post


EA games sells real guns?
Original Source: Gamespot

Comics’ ladies night
Original Source: Metanerd

Israeli Prime Minister uses comics in speech to UN
Original Source: Vancouver Sun

Suggested Comic of the Week

Oglaf (NSFW)

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