Looking for a new Webfiction Reader for the Webfiction World podcast.

Kara Dennison and Witchiebunny (The Webcast Beacon Network’s break bump and intro announcer) are currently assigned to do readings, but we lost a regular webfiction reader due to their own workload.

We are hoping to find someone to do the seral readings for SGL’s Tales of the Big Bad Wolf (Red Riding Hood arc): http://talesofthebigbadwolf.com/red-riding-hood-arc/

Anyone that would like to try out for this reading should contact us aswebfictionworld@gmail.com with a recorded sampling (a minute or two) to see how well you perform. Even if you have a crappy microphone, try it out.

Anyone interested must have a passion for it, and should be committed to doing the readings through the end of the whole arc. If you have both the passion and commitment, AND good reading performance skills, BUT you have a crappy microphone, we can get you a headset to use. Nothing special but should be a well decent quality for a replacement.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and for other details.


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[…] Webfiction World approached me some time ago about permission to feature this serial on their podcast. As it turns out, they are looking for a new reader. It is a tough assignment, I know. This is probably one LONG serial to undertake, but if you want to spread the word, please point to this link: http://www.webcastbeacon.com/looking-for-a-new-webfiction-reader-for-the-webfiction-world-podcast/ […]

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