Webcomic Beacon #235: Interview with Philip Hofer, aka Frumph, of ComicPress.

Philip Hofer joins Fes Works, Mark Savary, and Kelly Turnbull this week to talk about his contributions to the webcomics community. That’s right! We’ve got the Frumph! Including his work on the WordPress theme ComicPress, and his NEW WordPress contribution for webcomics: Comic Easel.

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Break Song: Spam by Devo Spice.

Cover: Bill Taylor (Tripp)

Notes: WordPress recommendations for plugins to use with ComicPress or Comic Easel: W3 Total Cache, Search Everything, Feed Statistics, Word Fence Security, Akismet, Jet Pack, Google Analyticator. He recommends that you do NOT use: “All-in-One SEO”.

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This is not actually a Trans service. The http://www.wormworldsaga.com , German, has a huge volunteer base to trans his work into several languages.

This front page has over a dozen language options.

He explained his process on how he got so many volunteered. He is a partner in a podcast, Makingcomics.com

I had heard about comic easel and was thinking about moving over but was sort of hesitant. Thank you for this interview, which in turn eased my fears (ie. terrors) of switching over to comic easel and gave some great addons for WordPress. I will be switching over soon. Love listening to the Webcomic Beacon while I draw, keep up the awesome fun!


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