Webcomic Beacon #232: Sex and Violence with Jack Cayless of Chimneyspeak

Jack Cayless joins Fes Works, Mark Savary, and Kelly Turnbull this week to discuss the sex and violence of his comic, Chimneyspeak (VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK, NOR CHILDREN). Chimneyspeak stars some very sexual and/or violent protagonists, fighting for their lives and places in the corrupt, and not-so-nice (fictionalized) Victorian England. Prostitution and murder, all around. They kick your face in, oh, so nicely.

We also ask Jack about his business plan of updating a free webcomic, and selling 12 page PDF side-stories each month.


Break Song: I Wanna See Your Cans by The Boobles.
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Jack is dead wrong on the paypal thing. Downloadable adult content is strictly against paypal’s policy just as adult sites are against the rules. There is no distinction made between method of consumption.

The situation is as Kelly said that you can do what you want but if someone reports you paypal will ban you from the system.

Here’s a link to that article I briefly mentioned about the Paypal kerfuffle with an indie ebook provider, should clear things up with regards to selling erotica. As I said, Paypal’s one of the few that does allow the low end of erotica through their site.


It’s only the moment a creator introduces horses, sisters or acts of aggression that Paypal’s red light goes off. I hope that encourages other artists!

That is an intersting post. Unfortunately according to Paypal’s Brand Risk Management department it is a lie. I called up paypal tonight and a representative from Brand Risk Management (the department in charge of paypal’s acceptable use policy the statements made in that article are not true. They said:

1) thepaypalblog.com is not part of paypals official corispondence and anything posted there is not company policiy EVEN if it is posted by the president of communication.
2) Paypal’s pollicies have not changed and they will ban any account for selling “(f) items that are considered obscene”
3) Nudity of any kind is considered obscene by paypal and the Brand Risk Management investigator is the soul arbiter of what is considered obscene.
4) Specifically Paypal’s Paypal’s Brand Risk Management department defines obscene as anything that could offend. So basically if someone reports your site complaining that they were offended they will shut you down.

Paypal got stung recently for banning books. Banning books looks really bad so Anuj Naya posted some pretty words on a nonlegally binding site that don’t actually indicate a change in policy.

Also note that Anuj Naya singled out images as something that made offensive material offensive.

“An important factor in our decision not to allow our payments service to be used to purchase material focused on rape, incest or bestiality is that this category of eBooks often includes images.”

He said that the fact that the book contained images was what them problematic not the topics that they were about.

There have got to be methods around this sort of thing for adult content. Even with using CCBill and Vertiol for 18+ verification measures. Where potential customers could by “credit” through one site, and use said credit for purchase on adult sites, etc. Of course it would take some doing for reading all the terms to make sure everythign is cool. But if it sounds plausible, I think I could be talked into backing/creating such a site, since I know Veritol and CCBill cost a bit to engage for a website. I’d be interested in investigating more.

Having each and every individual site get approved is just unfair and not cost conducive. But if it could be used as a credit site…. Have to check the terms. Would anyone else be interested in running such a thing?

Is amazon checkout US only? They are pretty much completely better than paypal in this and all other ways.

Amazon checkout has the same restrictions. All US based payment companies do because the restriction is not from the online payment companies but from Visa. Visa US inc has been perusing a campaign of censorship using their influence over payment methods for about 10 years now. There is no good US payment system because any payment system would have to drop VISA and that would make the system unusable.

The only solution is to use a European payment portal because there are laws in Europe preventing this sort of thing.

You remember the days when the US was a beacon for free speech. Those were good days

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