Webcomic Beacon #231: Live at Penguicon 2012

At Penguicon 2012, several of the Webcast Beacon Network members join up to entertain you! Mark Savary, Fes Works, Michael Dellheim, Alex Heberling, and Jim Hanson (Formerly known as Adam Smithee) are here to talk at you for about an hour; in a 4 part video (or podcast). Also joining us on the show is Joe Foo (Desmond’s Comic), Laura and Erika (Sidekick Girl), and Ahmed Fahim (Silent Pirate)!

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Notes: Lapfox Trax, Michael Sisk, Diana Nock, WebcomicZ,

We broadcast LIVE with The Webcomic Beacon on Vokle, and we take live questions during the show. Stay tuned for when we have another Q&A show! Maybe you should come listen to us live, and ask us and/or our guest(s) questions!

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