Webcomic Beacon #230: Rambling About Webcomics and Q&A

Just talking about webcomics and taking live questions about writing comics. Join Fes Works, Mark Savary, and  Kelly Turnbull! We got off to a slow start as our intended guest had internet issues. We just started talking and things got away from us! But you get a trimmed down version of our discussions on Fan Fiction/Comics and ways to advance your comic’s story, as asked by live listeners. Even still, the show does go a tad long.


We broadcast LIVE with The Webcomic Beacon on Vokle, and we take live questions during the show. Stay tuned for when we have another Q&A show! Maybe you should come listen to us live, and ask us and/or our guest(s) questions!

Promo: Animation Aficionados & The Geek Life

Break Song: Underboob by Possible Oscar.
*320 kbps MP3 available for sale on The FuMP!

Notes: Frumph / Comic Easel, TCAF, Spike / Templar, AZ, The Smut Peddler, Jack Cayless / Chimneyspeak, Yamino / Sister Claire, First Issue, Family Bones, Ardra, Kurt / TGT Webcomics,

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