Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for March 18th, 2012

Marie Tary (Shifters: Redux) and Thereisnosaurus (Hero in Training) join in on the news and discussion of the past week with Eric Kimball and Jason Strawsburg. Links to items discussed on the show can be found below!

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TutorialZ: Scanning and Preparing Large Format Pages
by Jules Rivera

Top Stories

Spread the Word: Theft is Theft
Another scraper, this one found on Android OS
*Update* App has been pulled by Google.
Found via: @TeeMonster – Original Source: Chris Hanel

First Frame: another comic listing site
Found via: Fleen – Original Source: Just The First Frame


China’s Political webcomics
Original Source: NPR

Announcing Mix March Madness 2012 Nominations
Copy Editor’s note: Take with a grain of salt, as with any public “best webcomic” voting event
Original Source: Comic Mix

Interview with Order of the Stick creator about his record-breaking $1.2M Kickstarter campaign
Found via: Matter Anti-Matter – Original Source: Boing Boing


Leah Moore on selling comic to girls
Original Source: Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis – GUEST INFORMANTS: Is Magazine Publishing Really Screwed?
Original Source: Warren Ellis

Crossed webcomic launched to promote print comics
Original Source: Comic Book Resources


The Doctorow Doctrine and Other Techno-Tectonic Upheavals
– Part 3, Creative Commons

An article posted by Jim Shooter on his blog proposing a new model for comic book companies inspired by the writings of Cory Doctorow.

The first half of the article reviews Cory Doctorow theories on copyright with numerous links to his work. In short Cory Doctorow proposes a more open copyright system that does not penalize fans for promoting works.   From the the article introduces the concept of creative commons licence and giving links to the Creative Commons Foundation.

In the second half of the article Jim Shooter talks about how the battle over copyright is a problem for the current comic companies and proposes a new model for comics.  The new model propose companies centered around shared universe where creators are staff instead of work for hire, people who are invested in the good of the company.

Over all the article is a good review of the debated on copyright law and the arguments for and against it.

Found via: @yoinkandaway – Original Source: Jim Shooter

DMP’s Kindle Publishing Suspended

Coming to us from the Publisher’s Weekly Twitter is an announcement by Digital Manga that all of their titles have been pulled from the Kindle.  The reason for the suspension was a vague “content violation” citation without further explanation.  It is assumed that because Digital Manga is a large Yaoi publisher their account was removed under the heading of pornographic content which is restricted by Amazons user agreement.

Digital Media has stated that they are trying to work on the the suspension but then recommended a number of other platforms for users to find their products on so it seem they are not hopeful for a positive resolution.

*UPDATE* Issue has since been resolved (via: Digital Manga)
Found via: @PublishersWkly – Original Source: Digital Manga

Criminal Charges Dropped in Canada Customs Manga Case

An announcement by the Comic Book Legal Defence fund stating that after 2 year the charges child pornography for possessing Japanese comic books have been dropped against Ryan Matheson.  While the case is concluded the there are a number of troubling facts listed in the article from the vast miss treatment of Ryan by the Canadian border patrol denying him basic rights that he was entitled to the fact that he was banned from using a computer outside.  With support from the Comic Book legal defence fund Ryan’s court cost have been lowered from 75K to 45K.  The Fund is now working with Ryan to start a fundraiser to help pay off the remain debt.

Found via: @PublishersWkly – Original Source: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund


10 pieces of advice for Freelancers
Original Source: Making Comics

More Comic Sans Critique and making your own fonts
Original Sources: reMIND 1, reMIND 2


Google servers now use toilet water.
Original Source: GiGaOM

Marvel at SXSW: Digital-Only Comics, New Browser
Original Source: The Beat
Video from NicoleWakelin on yfrog:

Additionally: from Fast Company

Google Gives Search a Refresh
Found via: Mashable – Original Source: The Wall Street Journal

Software breaks up movies into comic panels
Found via: The Daily Cartoonist – Original Source: MailOnline


Tom Siddell of Gunnerkrigg Court announce going full time.
Original Source: Gunnerkrigg Court

Encyclopedia Britannica going digital
Copy Editor’s note: Has anyone younger than 20 even heard of Encyclopedia Britannica? There were kinda a big thing.
Original Source: Media Decorder

Erica Hicks reflections on the Hunger Games
Found via: The Beat – Original Source: TOR

Why crossovers don’t work…
Original Source: Kleefeld on Comics

Deviant Art Pick (Posted only)

Mouth and Jaw – by EponaGirl

Words of Advice on Colors – by AquaFeles

Comic Mixing Photography and Drawing – by Teloka

Step by Step Iron Man Pic – by Pabuttego

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