Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Exclusive Interview with Neal Adams

Thom Revor sits down with Neal Adams (over Skype) for an exclusive interview; in light of recent comics industry news and personal interest. Neal Adams is an American comic book and commercial artist known for helping to create some of the definitive modern imagery of the DC Comics characters Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow. Read more about Neal at his Wikipedia entry, and check out Neal’s website.


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I loved what Neal Adams had to say, but it seems like the webcomic beacon newscast is mostly about print comics these days. Is there no webcomic news anymore?

To be honest, there really isn’t “webcomic” news so much these days… Especially with the huge shift in the last year to getting one’s comic printed for sale AND the move of print comics moving to digital for sale…. plus the webcomic model more diversifying and entering the direct market (eBooks) instead of classic webcomic model.

The Webcomic Beacon Newscast is supposed to largely cover topics that affect creators, especially in the digital realm. People making webcomics should still find the news we cover relevant enough to pay attention too.

The copyright stuff and the like is not unique to print, and a lot of stories about print and other industry news is likely important to a wide range of people, especially for case examples.

Other than that… honestly, there is not much happening in “strictly webcomics” itself that’s really “news”, really, especially for a wider audience.

I’ll be looking to open up to news submissions more as I integrate The Webcomc Beacon Newscast with WebcomicZ. Especially for things that are not “big news”. I’m still devising some plans for how to share information, etc.

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