Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for February 26th, 2012

This week’s edition of The Webcomic Beacon Newscast suffered a computer crash and will not be joining us. You should have heard it. It was great! However, the news is still all here for you to check out!

Top Stories

Namco using webcomics to rebuild brands
Original Source: Ripten


Rosscott’s work stolen.
Original Source: Rosscott

List of sexy webcomics
Original Sources: io9Comics Alliance

Mark Waid discovers the infinite canvas
Original Source: Robot 6
Similar techniques demostrated byt Balak01 (source 1 | source 2) and malecturbomedia


More on convention Sketches from Jim Shooter
Original Source: The Beat

More on the Comic Book IP wars
Original Source: The Beat


Digital Comics need a revolution, badly! via The Nerdpocalypse
Print comics and the Netflix model
Original Source: The Nerdpocalypse

Cartooning for a Sustainable Future
Original Source: Columbia Journalism Review

Five Reasons To Worry About Comics That Aren’t Piracy
Found via: Robot 6 – Original Source: Comics Reporter


Art and Superheroines: When Over-Sexualization Kills the Story
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Scanning Large Art on Small Scanner Tutorial
Original Source: Valkyrie Squadron

Writing and outlining a story
Original Source: Making Comics

Comic Writing Lecture by Angela Melick
Original Source: YouTube

Unlearning Campbell
Original Source: Kleefeld On Comics

Why we work for free
Original Source: MTV Geek


Coin of the Realm new free collaborative plug tool in for WordPress
Original Source: 910 CMX Forums

Chrome to become a web platform?
Found via: Slashdot – Original Source: InfoWorld


Gisele Lagace Draws ‘Occupy Riverdale
Original Source: Newsarama

Penny Arcade launches videogame news site (Penny Arcade Report)
Original Source: The Verge

Order of the Stick 1 Million dollar interview
Original Source: Kickstarter

Sex guide comic takes comixology top 20
Original Source:

Joke article about Eternal Copyright
Found via: Slashdot – Original Source: The Telegraph
Heroin Vaccine developed
Original Source: Slashdot
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