Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News and Discussion for January 22nd, 2012

Steven Shinney (Digital Strips) joins us for a special interview and guest his week! Please join Thom Revor with Alex Heberling and News Researcher Eric Kimball. Read all the news of the past week below. Some news not discussed in part, or at all, on the show.

Disclaimer: Every person on the show speaks for themselves, and not as a representation of The Webcomic Beacon Network, its crew, audience, peers, advertisers, or affiliates.

WebcomicZ Editorial: PART 2 of Jayne’s Guide to Webcomics by Eric Kimball (Part 3 coming soon)
WebcomicZ Article: Business Advice for Comic Creators by DJ Coffman
Break Promo: The Geek Life


Top Stories

PIPA/SOPA webcomic protest in brief
The SOPA protest was too epic to cover in full but comic alliance has a sample of a few pages done by webcartoonists. The short of it is that the protest on the 18th appears to have killed the bills, at least for this year.

The moral of the story is piracy is bad, irritating the Internet is suicidal.
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Timeline of SOPA/PIPA
Original Source: Know Your Meme

Justice department acts against Megaupload without PIPA/SOPA
It’s almost like they already had the tools to do their job and SOPA was just a dangerous over reach on sponsored by movie companies that didn’t understand the law or the Internet.
Original Source: Robot 6


Webcomic Blind Date
Our own network making news
Found via: ComixTalk
Original Source: The Webcast Beacon Network

Braden Lamb Interview on MTV Geek
Original Source: MTV Geek

Comic person of the year is a Webcartoonist
Three guess who it is and the first two guesses of Kate Beaton don’t count
Found via: Jason Strawsburg – Original Source: Comics Beat


How Kickstarter can go bad
Found via: Jason Strawsburg – Original Source: Forbidden Planet

Profits from 5 years of Cartooning
Original Source: Ryan Estrada


Sean Murphy’s 5 Year Plan for artists
Found via: Bleeding Cool – Original Source: Sean Murphy

Blending 3d and 2d animation
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Deviant Art Tutorials

Picture Composition Video (long) – by DarkSilverFlame

Photoshop Underwater Effect – by PSHoudini

Doll Picture Shoots – by NikiCorny

Melting Chocolate Effect – by PSHoudini

Worth a Look

Study Group a new webcomic portal by some comic book pros
Found via: Comic Book Resources – Original Source: Study Group Comics

Saturday Morning Webtoon, all ages webcomic portal
Found via: Comix Talk – Original Source: Saturday Morning Webtoons


Monster Alphabet reaches 5000% of Kickstarter goal
Original Source: Kickstarter

Diesel Sweetie Free Bbook
Found via: Jason Strawsburg – Original Source: cNet

This is why publishers are having a problem with digital
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Ron Perazza named Comixology VP
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Battle over Public Domain and Copyright
Found via: Bleeding Cool – Original Source: Wired

Mother tell daughter to quit job so she can draw comics
Found via: Bleeding Cool – Original Source: Open Salon


Shit Comic Book Nerds Say
Original Source: Comic Book Resources

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