Webcomic Blind Date and Spring 2012 Giveaway!

Happy New Year everyone!

Here with another Webcast Beacon Network notice of things happening in the next couple months!

Webcomic Blind Date

First off, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we would like to revitalize the “Blind Date” project that Xavier Xerexes (of ComixTalk) had originally created. The way that Webcomic Blind Date will work, is that people will email us (at webcomicbeacon@gmail.com) as either a comic WRITER, a comic ARTIST, or as BOTH.

The idea is to pair writers and artists with each other as a “blind date”, and then they are to create a valentines day comic (including single panels) in time for Valentine’s day. We will, in turn, link to all completed products on our site, to where ever the artist/writer teams post theirs.

We tried something similar with the Webcomic Secret Santa, and I would like to find more seasonal art exchanges, or other projects like this throughout the year!

Please email us by JANUARY 27th, 2012, indicating that you are a Writer, Artist, or if you can do either (this will help in the imbalance of entries). Also include if you have any restrictions (such as you can’t work over a PG rating, etc), or any other sort of things you want us to take into consideration. The idea is that the writer would write the comic (or single panel), and the artist would draw it. In the end you will have to work together. We will announce and post the pairings on the website, and also will like the links to the final products in time for Valentine’s Day!

Spring 2012 Giveaway

We’ve got more comics to review and giveaway, so we decided to attempt to do seasonal giveaways! Right now, we for sure have one big prize for Spring 2012. The way to enter, multiple times, is almost the same as before. More infomation can be found at WebcastBeacon.com/giveaway. It still includes cover art, link referrals, and voicemail as entry possibilities.

Again, people can submit print comics for review and/or giveaways to:

Fesworks, LLC
P.O. Box 22181
Robbinsdale, MN 55422

You may feel free to email us any questions.

Right now, the prizes currently include:

Family Bones – Volumes 1 & 2
►Both Books as One Prize

The Boobles: Melon – Volume 1 Package
►Breast Cancer Charity Music Parody CD

Webcomic Beacon Newscast to Merge with Webcomic Beacon

Apparently… The Webcomic Beacon Newscast RSS feed has not been working. I am going to attempt to meld BOTH of the feeds of The Webcomic Beacon and The Webcomic Beacon Newscast into a single feed. I am hoping that this will allow listeners to get the best offerings of The Webcomic Beacon in a single RSS and iTunes feed offering (though I recommend people subscribe to the MASTER RSS or MASTER iTUNES feeds, and get all of our programming).

I may or may not do this with The Webcomic Beacon Presents: First Issue. Depending on how The Webcomic Beacon Newscast and Core program work out together (along with the coding on the website), will determine how things will move forward from here. Both shows are still their distinct shows, so programming will not change at all because of these. We will be interested in listener feedback on this move, as well.

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