Webcomic Secret Santas and 4th Anniversary Giveaway Results

Hello! I’d like to announce the winners of the Webcomic Beacon 4th Anniversary Special Giveaway results! First of all, thanks to all those who have entered! There will be another giveaway slated for Spring; more details soon, but you can still rack up entries now.

The results of the 4th Anniversary Giveaway included one winner (3rd pick) that did not respond. Therefore the 3rd pick went to the 4th winner. The original 3rd pick winner defaults to a forfeit. However, the winners are:

Michael of Black Snow Comics
– Picked Theater Hopper – 3 year collection of comics as 3 large, softcover books

Alex of All Manner of Bad
– Picked Zombie Ranch, Demon Graphics, Variables – (First issues)

Yi of Brushmen
– Picked Doc Rat – Volumes 6 and 7, softcovers.

Their prizes will be mailed out soon. The 4th remaining prize may be used again in the future.


Additionally, behind the scenes, Fes ran a Webcomic Secret Santa exchange. There were 13 participants, with a couple getting in a bit late, with one substitute art by Fes. The participates are as follows, and check out their sites to see who had who!

Daniel VanderWerff – School Spirit

Caytlin Vilbrandt – Walking on Broken Glass

Chella – TDUGN

Tony Esteves – Legendary Woodsman

Alex Claw – All Manner of Bad & Zombie Roosevelt

Tom Truszkowski – Station V3

Joseph Hewitt – Ataraxia Theatre

Mike Dellheim – Prepare to Die

Shouri – Springette & Fragile

David Adams – Slightly Off Topic

Vinnie D. – Anti-Bunny

Sergio Ragno – The Thirteenth Child

Zoe Kirk-Robinson – All Over the House

(I will attempt to update this post with the permalink to each art as I find them. All are not updated as of yet).

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