Webcomic Beacon #207: A Business Guide to Conventions

We’ve done shows on conventions before, but this one is different! This is a guide that takes into account the BUSINESS aspect of going to, and selling at, conventions. Tanya Higgins leads Fes Works and Mark Savary in this very discussion. Much credit to Jennie Breeden (The Devil’s Panties) and her guide to going to conventions and treating it like a business.


Cover by: Brandon Oliver (txwwd)

Music: The Cost of Living by Miss Ludella Black

Check out how to enter the 4th Anniversary Special Giveaway (Dec 4th), such as sending in Becky Art or a voicemail at 1+320-310-0922!

Network News: The Tropecast has returned with two new episodes, including one on horror tropes! Plus Webcast Beacon Network new video series called First Issue; a comic book review show, starting with DC Comics’ new 52!

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Thanks for the interesting show, i always wonder how people plan for such a crazy event.
One quick comment on the postcard thing. As someone who attends conventions as a consumer I don’t like taking postcards b/c sometimes its confusing wether or not it is for sale. I have grabbed cards off tables in the past only to get the evil glare and find out they are $2 each.
I love postcards but if its not obvious that its free I hold back- and i get embarrassed if i have to ask.
Also, i love free bookmarks too ^___^

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