Webcomic Beacon Newscast #39: Comic News & Discussion for October 23rd, 2011

Phil Chan (Digital PIMP Online) joins as this week’s guest host, with Rosscott and Alex Heberling. Thanks to Eric Kimball for gathering our news links.


Top Stories

Zach Weiner speaks at Penn University
He spoke at Penn, not much happened.
Found via: Google Alerts – Original Source: The Daily Pennsylvanian

Challenges of Creating Children’s content
Found via: Lora Innes – Original Source: Paper Wings


Inman (the Oatmeal) interview at MTV Geek

“Cats. Anything with cats, and your fans are like “more cats! more cats!”” -Inman

Original Source: MTV Geek

The man who “found” mouseguard
Found via: Bleeding Cool
Original Source: NorthJersey.com


Look at various POD services
Original Source: Paper Wings

Who owns the rights on a crowd source story?
Original Source: GiGaOM


Crazy Faces courtesy of the Dish
Original Source: Comic Dish Forums

Look at Lettering on the Meek
Original Source: Kleefeld on Comics

The Birth of comics in Brief
Found via: Bleeding Cool – Original Source: Yale Daily News

Wonder Woman Needs Sex?
Original Source: The Mary Sue

Deviant Art Tutorials

Hair Brush Set – by Para-Vine

Forest Tutorial – by WingedGenesis5

Fractals – by Alien-Dreams

Establishing Mood with Color – by Tamberella


New software converts photos to comics
Found via: Bleeding Cool – Original Source: Focus Taiwan

The Tablet wars rage on
Found via: Google Alert – Original Source: New York Times and ICv2


Daleks make everything better
Found via: The Mary Sue – Original Source: Kathleen

The Walken Dead
Original Source: The Mary Sue

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I think the story that struck me the most was, “Wonder Woman Needs Sex?”

I commend Grant Morrison in researching feminist theory. I think it is extremely difficult for a man to write anything from a female perspective without research. I know this concept has been mentioned before in previous Newscasts.

“Wonder Woman is expected to stand for women without any element of sexuality, and that seems wrong.” Some sexuality is fine but it is a fine line between some and too much. And that is where Mr. Morrison will have to be careful.

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