Webcomic Beacon Newscast #30: Comic News & Discussion for July 24th, 2011

Just a short episode this week, as we are without Rosscott. Instead we have Alex Heberling, Michael Dellheim, and Fes Works running this week’s episode. Thanks to Eric Kimball, our newshound for collecting articles. Not all articles may have been gone over in detail, but they are all listed for you.

A reminder that The Webcomic Beacon is wanting to have a call-in show soon, where they want your webcomic stories of going on hiatus, and what you did to come back from it. You can email us, or leave a voicemail at 1+320-310-0922; or of course stay tuned for the coming episode.



Webcomics Killed the Xeric Grant?
Original Source: Robot 6

Borders Goes Bankrupt
Original Source: Robot 6 and The Daily Cartoonist


Tezuka Moves to a Digital Strategy
It was announced last Wednesday that the works of Osamu Tezuka — one of manga’s founding fathers and greatest masters — are now available in English as a digital archive accessible via an application for Apple’s iPad.

“I hope that we will consider the spirit of Osamu Tezuka as we transmit his works to new audiences using digital technology,” said Takayuki Matsutani, President of Tezuka Productions Co. Ltd., at the Toyko launch of the app. “I am aware of the troubles in the market, and hope that we can contribute to a recovery.”

Original Source: The Japan Times – via: Bleeding Cool


Not Micropayment, Microtrasactions. A Lesson For the Videogame Industry
Original Source: Extra Credits

More Concerns Over Amazons Pricing
Original Source: Collective Inkwell


Android’s Legal Woes.
Microsoft has struck licensing deals with a handful of Android manufacturers including HTC, while Oracle is suing Google and may be looking for a big settlement from Google or its hardware partners. And Apple may not be looking for royalties at all from HTC, Motorola and others, but might be content to ban Android products or force costly workarounds.
Original Source: GiGaOM 1, GiGaOM 2


Webcomic Tip Roundup
Original Source: The Art Patient – via Comix Talk

Does Social Media Get in the Way of Creativity?
The addiction to the endless interruption and engagement does make it hard to find the flow of creation. The endless ping of your phone makes it harder to live in the moment, to be present. Observing life is so much a part of the creative process for me that the constant distraction of social media has become problematic.
Original Source: GiGaOM


Should Webcomics Retcon?
Original Source: MTV Geek

Two Webcomics Picked up for Animated Series
Original Source: Centre Daily and Variety – via: Frumph’s Twitter

Webcomics: Gene’s Journal and Chickenhare


Webcomicers Pitch Their Ideas to DC and Marvel
Original Source: Gamma Squad


Mark Meets Tom
Original Source: Rooster Teeth

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DC reboot: My uncle is planning on getting every single issue of every single new series. I looked at him funny. I think it’d be neat for you Fes to do a series of reviews from the perspective of someone who doesn’t read comic books! Yes, Fes, you need another project!

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