Webcomic Beacon Newscast #29: Comic News & Discussion for July 18th, 2011

Scraping the intended “My Little Pony” themed newscast today. Saving that for The Tropecast coming out later this week. Rosscott, Alex Heberling, and Fes Works are here for this week’s Webcomic Beacon Newscast. Thanks to Eric Kimball, our newshound for collecting articles. Not all articles may have been gone over in detail, but they are all listed for you.



July 15th Brony Appreciation Day
Original Source :Equestria Daily

The Tropecast Linked via Equestria Daily
Original Source: Equestria Daily

JoshLesnick’s Webcomic Pony Party
Drawing ponies BEFORE Friendship is Magic

My Little Pony and Webcomics

Kimono’s Townhouse – Photo Comic with Pony Toys

The Infamous Shortpacked Comic

Ponyville – Slightly Disturbing Pony Comic

Baby Blue Bell – Poll to Create a Ponies Webcomic

Does Not Play Well With Others – Cameo of Dr Whooves

Real Life Fiction – The Scarlet Cutie Mark

Webcomic Alliance Pony Drawing Challenge

Alex Heberling’s Ponies

The Zebragirl April Fools Strip

El Goonsh Shive Sketch

And of course, way more is out there; and no, this is not going to be a usual thing. Of course the shows’ news links:


Womantholgy Raises $27,000 in An Hour
A woman created comic anthology book raises money for publication in under an hour. Now over $60,000.
Original Source: Comics Beat – Womanthology Kickstarer

T Hunt (of Goblins) Raises $30,000 in 3 Days
Original Source: About.com Comic Books – Goblins


Bone Goes Digital
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

iPlayer Turns TV Shows Into Comics for the Kindle
Original Source: GiGaOM

Marvel’s vs DC’s Twitter Accounts
Original Source: Vsual.ly – via +Ron Perazza and Bleeding Cool


Boom Studios Uses Webcomic to Promote Movie
In support of the forthcoming Rise of the Planet of the Apes film, BOOM! Studios is taking a characteristically innovative approach to the movie tie-in comic book trend by A) releasing the material for free online B) using the word “prelude” instead of the endlessly misused “prequel.”
Original Source: Comics Alliance – Rise of the Planet of the Apes comic

What Digitial Reader Pays the Best
Overview of profits from  IN MAPS AND LEGENDS and how they break down by platform.

  1. B&N’s Nookbook Store: 44%
  2. Comixology: 30%
  3. Amazon’s Kindle Store: 13%
  4. DriveThruComics: 7%
  5. Graphic.ly: 5%
  6. Amazon’s Kindle Store in the UK: .5%
  7. Wowio: .5%
  8. MyDigitalComics: 0%
  9. Robot Comics: 0%
  10. LongBox: 0%
  11. XinXii: 0%
  12. Myebook: 0%

Original Source: Michael Jasper – via Comics Beat

Marvel Looking for a Social Media Intern
Original Source: Bleeding Cool via +Janna O’Shea

DC Experimenting With Digital Formats
Original Source: Newsarama – via Bleeding Cool


Argument OverDduplicate Shirt and IP Rights
Sharksplode’s Shirt vs Tee Fury (archived image)


2000 Dinosaur Comics
Original Source: Ryan North

Tripwire Magazine Online for Free
Original Source: Tripwire – via Bleeding Cool


What is Going on at Archie Comics?
Female CEO is being forced out for sexually harassing male employees?
Original Source: TMZ – via Bleeding Cool

Retired Superheros
Original Source: Behance Network – via DC Women Kicking Ass

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iPlayer Turns TV Shows into Comics for Kindle: Why?

Argument Over Duplicate Shirt & IP Rights: I don’t see the difference between what either drew and what SNL does to every politician, actor, movie, etc. Seems to be the same type of thing to me.

Retired Superheroes: It is funny, but just remember you too will be retired one day! (Keep in mind, not all retired superheroes/people will look like that. After all we have Dr. Oz, infomercials, tv ads, news segments all telling us how to stay in shape. So, look out, us retired people might just knock you off your derrieres. (There are synonyms for all body parts but using proper terms will probably get more notice.)

You guys were wondering why when Marvel comes up, it came up a foodie? Well my guess would be that blame rests on the great C.B. Cebluski’s shoulders. C.B. is an amazing cook as well as a comic creator. In fact I know he has competed in several different contests, been featured on Food Network and is constantly tweeting and look for good grub wherever he travels to.

Great podcast by the way guys. As always, it’s been great to draw to.

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