Webcomic Beacon #190: Newscast #22: Comic News & Discussion for May 22nd, 2011

Thereisnosaurus (Hero in Training) joins us today Eric Kimble leading the Newscast. Additionally joined with Mike Dellheim and Adam Smithee.



Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub Raise Money for Webshow
It took them less that a week to raise the $50,000 needed for the series.
(Original Source: PvP – Also: Kickstarter)

Liberty Medows Returns and is Posted Online
(Original Source: Robot 6 – via: Comix TalkFrasnk Sho’s website)

Many Submissions to Machine of Death
(Original Source: Machine of Death – via: Fleen)


Piracy Launches Publishing Success
(Original Source: Collective Inkwell – via Comix Talk)

Webcomics Raise $162,000 for Charity
(Original Source: Webcomic Charity and Kiva – via Fleen)


The Future of E-books
(Original Source: Collective Inkwell)

Comic for the Vision Impaired
(Source: Comix Talk – Comic: The Bifter)


Obvious Things Artists Need to Know
Original Source: Marvelous Mustache Factory – via: Fleen)


Marvel Drops Deadpool Cover over Lawsuit Fears
Comic written by Christoper Hastings (Dr McNinja)
(Original Source: News-a-Rama – via: Bleeding Cool)

Trickster Con Plan as a Co-Con for ComicCon
Unlike ComicCon the Trickster con will feature comics.
(Original Source: Trickster – via: Bleeding Cool – Plus: San Diego Wine and Culinary Center)

Powernap New Webcomic Collective Launches
Original Source: The Comics Beat – Also: Powernap)

Webcomic to Promote Novel
(Original Source: Dog Eat Doug – via The Daily Cartoonist)

Collaborative Comic via Twitter
(Original Source: Wine Ink – via Scott McCloud)

Promoting a Comic by Drawing Conan O’Brein
Original Source: Will Draw for Coco – via: Robot 6)


Videogames are Now Art
(Though gamers have known this for decades)
(Original Source: Tech Spot – via: Bleeding Cool)

Calvin Grown Up
Many people will draw Calvin and Susie all grown up. Here are but two. Feel free to drop your own links to others.
(Original Source: Pants Are Overrated (2 pages) – via: Robot 6 – Plus: Additional examples)

Toy Story Shining Mashup
(Original Source: @leeunkrich – via: MTV Geek)

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