Webcomic Beacon #186: Newscast #20: Comic News & Discussion for May 8th, 2011

Amazon pulls yaoi from the Kindle; David Malki talks about theft vs parody; Are we losing our webcomic history? Rosscott writes about webcomic design, and seeks feedback. Plus much more! Rosscott, Alex Heberling, and Eric Kimble our newshound run the show today.


Amazon Pulls Yaoi from the Kindle
(Original Source: Robot 6)

Help Artist Chris Wozniak
Lost his home in a tornado.
(Original Source: Robot 6)

David Malki on the Difference Between Parody and Theft
(Original Source: David Makli – via Fleen)
Resource: You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice

Are We Losing our Webcomic History?
(Original Source: The Comics Journal – via Comics Beat)
Related: Bill Blackbeard reflection (via Salon)

Can You Be a Hot Girl and a Nerd?
(Source: Comics Beat)

Rosscott On Webcomic Website Design
(Original Source: Rosscott, Inc)

Speaking of Design, Will the Future of Computer Screens Be 3D?
(Original Sources: GiGaOM 1, GiGaOM 2)

How Social Networks Influence Sales
(Original Source: GiGaOM)

Interview With Zach Weiner
(Original Source: Forbes)

Fake Frank Miller Sketches on eBay
(Original Source: Bleeding Cool)

Survey of Who Print Comic Book Fans Are
(Original Source: Graphic Policy – via Bleeding Cool)

High Gas Prices Increase Online Sales
(Original Source: GiGaOM)

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