Webcomic Beacon #185: Penguicon 2011

Karen “Kez” Howard (The War of Winds and What It Takes) joins Fes Works, Tanya Higgins, Mark Savary, and Alex Heberling here at Penguicon 2011! Adam Smithee does join us later, as well. Basically, we start off real strong (lies), and interview Kez…. All the while she’s a great sport as hilarity ensues, because Fes has to be Fes, and Tanya reacts!

Please stay tuned for the VIDEO version of this podcast, as soon as we can get it mastered and uploaded! (Hopefully within a few days!)

Cover Featuring: Drawing Head Guy! (Ray Garety)

Additionally: Melissa’s photos from us drawing on Ray, and some more photos of The Webcomic Beacon crew and other webcartoonists from Penguicon 2011!

(Podcast file is below the videos)


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