Webcomic Beacon #182: Newscast #18: Comic News & Discussion for April 24, 2011

Onezumi and Harknell (Intervention Con) rejoins Rosscott and Eric Kimble for this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast!



Net Neutrality: Europe Sides with Telecoms Throttling Traffic
(Source: GiGaOM)

Darkhorse Starts Digital Initiative
(Source: News-a-Rama – Darkhorse Digital)

Bynder Open Micro e-Publishing House
(Source: Tech Crunch – via GiGaOM)

Scott Adams Caught Sockpuppeting
(Source: Gawker – via Forum post on webcomics.com)

P. Craig Russell Discusses Converting His Comic for an App
(Source: Lurid Media – via Bleeding Cool)

Mark Waid Talks About the Fundamental Difference of Digital and Print Comics
(Source: Robot 6)

Why Editorial Cartoons are Undervalued on the Web
(Source: Cagle Post – via The Daily Cartoonist)

On Demand Services like Netflix Dwarfing Media Ownership
(Source: GiGaOM)


How to use your College Library as Zombie Webcomic
(via: Bleeding Cool – Original PDF)

Another Eisner Nominee Releases Their Book for Free
(Source: Bleeding Cool)

Scott McCloud’s Very Narrow Tutorial on Lettering
(Source: Scott McCloud – Part 1, Part 2)

Duff Beer Illegal in Lithuania
Lithuania has anti alcohol defamation laws.  The Simpsons Duff bear was found in violation.
(Source: The Australian – via Bleeding Cool)

Lecture by Paul Levitz at Google
DC’s online strategy is to wait for a kid to come up with a good idea and then steal it from him?
(Source: Bleeding Cool)


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