Webcomic Beacon #166: Open Forum: Shameless Listener Plugs

Several of our listeners join Fes and Tanya to discuss their webcomics! Had to reschedule the scheduled topic, and at the last minute we made an impromtu Open Forum episode! One of the benefits of listening to us LIVE as we record, are chances such as this! I also incorrectly stated it was episode 167. I was wrong. That’s the next episode!

We’ve had on Denver (Tales of a Checkered Man), Seth (Buddies in Big Places & Unconventional), Cayen (Tides of Change), John (Flopside), Kai Hennig, Kelsey Norden & Ally Clark (Jupiter Palladium), Lee (LP Comics),

Cover Art by: Omi

Remember that (most of) The Webcomic Beacon will be at Penguicon!


The break song was Photoshop by Bob Ricci

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An upcoming show will be on machinima comics? Well, I do my BACKGROUNDS in Second Life, but draw my characters. Not sure if that counts, heh. I tried using Blender for my backgrounds at first, but found Second Life to be so much easier. Might try Blender again, though.

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