Webcomic Beacon #165: Newscast #10: Comic News & Discussion for Feb. 20th, 2011

Eric Kimball leads Mark Savary and Fes in this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast!



Google starts Beta testing its One Pass payment system
As a direct challenger to both apple and paypal Google has released a mirco-payment system
(Source: The Street – via a Google search)

Achewood becomes a subscription site
(Source: Achewood – via Fleen)

Overview of buying comics digitally
(via Robot 6 and Comic Alliance)

$2 PDF comics have become a movement
(via assorted chatter)
Assorted References:
Scottie Young, 2 Dollar Comic


A Mexican Susih house stole the T-shirt design of the Alison Action (bearnutscomic.com) photoshoped out the severed human head and arms and used it as a mascot without permission.
(via post on webcomics.com)
(Original Art & T-Shirt vs The Thieves)

Glyph Award Nominees Announced
(Source:  The Daily Cartoonist)

Steam Punk Huckelbery Finn Comic launched on Kickstarter, supported by Neil Giaman
(Source: Comic Mix)

The Gigcast Podcast Returns! …again! …maybe?
(Source: itself)

Funkly Winkerbean forces the shutdown of critic’s blogs
(Source: Robot 6)

Border files for bankruptcy
(Source: Bleeding Cool)

Bit.ly could go down if the protests in Libya intensify
(Source: Quora – via Bleeding Cool)

Sarah Glidden’s Take on Egypt, Comments Happen
(Source: Pizza Island – via  Rosscott)

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The achewood thing on fleen was a joke. The subscription thing is extras, blogs for the characters and process stuff. It’s not the main comic behind a paywall. The main comic just had not updated for a couple of months. Chris Onstad just had the bad times on a roll lately and it been rolling in a cumulative manner which adversely affected his sketcherations.

Second thing, the Huck Finn revision was from NewSouth who mainly did this to draw attention to it being pulled out of schools rather than actually a thing to sell the hell out of.

And Jane Eyre was done with zombies ages before Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It was called I Walked With The Zombie. It’s a cool film and you should watch it.

I should do something about public domain characters travelling into the future to murder the people who “re-imagine” their tales as ironic genre fiction.

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