Webcomic Beacon #163: Newscast #9: Comic News & Discussion for Feb. 13th, 2011

Kara Dennison joins Rosscott, Mark Savary, and Fes are here for you in this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast! We also have newshound Eric (Exiern) to thank for snooping out stories, who was also on today’s show!



Diamond teams with iVerse to offer in-store digital comics sales
(Source: Comics Beat)
Additional Discussion:
Diamond and iVerse Hatch a Particularly Silly Digital Download Scheme
(Source: Indignant Online)

There is talk about creating a comic con outside of comic con
(Source: Comics Reporter – via Bleeding Cool)


Kleefeld on Webcomics #1: Webcomics, a Primer
(Source: MTV GEEK)

Kickstarter and Twitter are changing the way creative works are made
(Source: Think Vitamin – via Webcomics.com forum post by Dawn Chapel)

Neil Giaman discusses how piracy of his work increased his sales.
(Source: Open Rights Group YouTube Channel – via Bleeding Cool)


Machine of Death sells the best on the Kindle
(Source: Itself – via Fleen)

Comic Vampire Vixens Facebook page taken down because it had Nazis
(Source: Alex Ronald – via Bleeding Cool)

National Organization for Marriage hotlinks a image from SMBC but SMBC get its revenge
(Source: The Wiener Works)
Additional Discussion:
(Comics Reporter)
(The Advocate)
(Daily Kos)

New convention announced for Geek Girls
(Original Source: Itself – via Comic Mix)

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I totally enjoy listening to the News because as I’ve said before, as a non-web comic artist, I continue to learn a great deal. Plus I always enjoy the discussions.

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