Webcomic Beacon #124: Time Travel

Fes, Tanya, and Mark discuss TIME TRAVEL! Yes, time travel as a subject of writing. Why kind of rule set would you use? Star Trek? Back to the Future? Doctor Who? Some really, really bad SyFy Original?


Cover Art by: Zoë Robinson. Milestones: Folf! (100), I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle (1yr)

Break song was Time Travel by The Ampersands, Dawn of Time, Times Like This, Rich Morris’ comics, Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, DAR, Exiern, ComicPress, Frumph.net, WEBCOMIC BEACON T-SHIRTS

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Oh you guys make me chortle with mirth. I wish to mention another time-travel story – the timetraveller’s wife. Not just a crappy movie! Was an awesome book first, which explores time-travel in a really awesome way. Won’t spoil it – just read.

And thanks for the head’s up on “Everybody Bake Jesus Day!” rising-bread Jesus brought a tear to my eye.

I remember one time-travel short-story by Isaac Asimov, where the guy who traveled back in time was injured from the process, and forgot why he did it, and ended up inspiring another guy in the past to make a sci-fi magazine called ‘Amazing Stories’. That was also the title of the short-story.

One thing that you mixed up completely was that Lorraine is Marty’s MOTHER, his girlfriend is named Jennifer. I guess that the first movie confuses things…

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